"Like Every Rino, Sununu Discovers His...Affinity for the Constitution in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time." - Granite Grok

“Like Every Rino, Sununu Discovers His…Affinity for the Constitution in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.”


This story’s nationwide reach continues to grow as Daniel Horowitz has a few things to say to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu about his current position on HB 544 and Critical Race Theory.

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Here’s a little taste of that beatdown (reformatted).


So, like every RINO, Sununu discovers his conservatism and affinity for the Constitution in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is a man who has locked down his state and is criminalizing the breathing of human beings without masks.

He has shredded life, liberty, and property of private citizens and has even criticized the legislature for encouraging “law breaking” by zeroing out his COVID business fines, referring to his edicts as the law and the lawmakers as some pariahs who have no say in legislation.

Yet this same man somehow thinks that education institutions run by the state can only silence pro-American voices, but not anti-American curriculum, and that it is somehow protected by the First Amendment?


While all social policies have a fiscal and cultural cost, CRT is a particular problem for someone like Sununu, who (so far) has been good on the second amendment, taxes, and business climate. CRT as a program (not just the racist BS) undermines all the things that hinge his conservative cred but nothing he claims to support will survive a generation or more of CRT-poisoned Granite Staters.

Sununu can then be remembered as the Governor that inevitably made New Hampshire unrecognizable from the rest of the blue northeast. No advantage and nothing to differentiate it from any other Democrat-run ideological armpit.

I know. The voices whispering in your ear tell you that you should be safe and secure behind the wire-fence in DC by the time that matters, so why should you care?