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Turnabout Is Fair Play

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This past weekend, this writer received an email from an organization calling itself “The Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire,” stating that Ruth Larson had made a donation to it “in honor of Norman Silber.”

Presumably, this was done in what some might call a dirty trick because of this writer’s position on various abortion and pro-life bills on which he voted in the Judiciary Committee of the NH House of Representatives.

My first reaction was to contact that organization and disavow the contribution and demand that they not utilize my name in any of their materials.

Then another thought came to me. Turnabout being generally considered to be fair play, so this writer is now in the process of making a donation to the National Right to Life Committee “in honor of” Ruth Larson (the frequently failed candidate from Alton whom I have previously called the Jane Fonda of the Lakes Region) and her husband, Hunter Taylor (the Belknap County Commissioner who finally resigned from the Republican Party after years of activities as a RINO).

I hope they enjoy and revel in this “honor.”