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School funding: Paying $20,000 for $100 worth of content

Towns in New Hampshire pay about $15,000 on average to send a kid to school for one year. If he takes 7 courses, that’s more than $2,000 per course.  If only half of that goes for instruction, that’s $1,000 for a course in, say, American History.  If you’ve got 20 kids in a class, that’s $20,000.

Or, for $100, you could get the same course from The Teaching Company, with a world-class teacher.  And the kids could share it.

In a world where books are expensive and teachers are rare, it’s efficient to pack kids into steel boxes to ship them to brick buildings so they can share resources in a factory-like setting.

But we no longer live in that world.  And pretending that we do is costing us all a fortune.