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NH Feministas Silent on Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations


New Hampshire Democrats do not seem all that interested in denouncing Andrew Cuomo after an Aid accused him of serial sexual harassment. (including unwanted physical contact and at least one nonconsensual kiss). That’s because they are hypocrats who could care less about what men do to women unless it advances some political goal.

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A quick search of the local media watchdogs have them sleeping on the job. You’d be hard-pressed to find an unkind word about the Governor of New York.

He’s under investigation. Democrats in his own legislature have launched an inquiry into his mishandling of the elderly under the manufactured pall of this pandemic. Why would the credible serial sexual assault allegations of an underling rise to meet any standard of journalistic curiosity?

Andrew Cuomo is, after all, a Democrat.

That would explain these search results from WMUR, the local ABC affiliate in New Hampshire responsible for pimping the approved local and national narratives.


ABC - WMUR Search Andrew Cuomo


The Concord Monitor can’t find time or space for him either, not from a lack of interest in the man or his tenure.

They have close to 100 articles that mention the governor of New York but only two pop for the year of our Lord 2021. One article is about New York’s AG suing the NYPD over its response to last year’s BLM protests. The second is about the snowstorm that hit the Big Apple at the end of March.

Neither COVID19 induced manslaughter of the elderly nor the mumblings of another female victim of the good-ol’-boys club appear of interest.

And it’s not just New Hampshire Democrats, which means they all got the memo or that I’m right.

Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Ann McLane Kuster, the entire Democrat State Party in New Hampshire, female Democrat State Senators, House members, county or town committee chairs, or activists of whom there are many.

Are the so-called champions of women telling everyone to be vewy vewy qwuiet..?

Fingers crossed hoping this goes away. More than a few of them spent a good part of last year claiming Cuomo was doing an amazing job compared to that Trump fellow (while Andy was killing grandma – the accusation they’ve been directing at Republicans who think Cuomo’s political response was excessive or destructive).

The proof is in the pudding. Democrats could care less about women or the elderly unless there is some political gain to be had.

We already knew that and that the media professionals working at WMUR and company are just doing their part to make sure no one else figures it out.

Sorry to rain on your hypocrisy parade, but that’s also the reason why GraniteGrok continues to be popular. We are happy to expose and challenge regardless of party registration for free, even when it does not advance some political goal. A job the paid pros in the media stopped doing a long time ago.