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I’m Sure Biden Will File His Elections Expenses with the FEC- Someday


You might wonder how the Federal Elections Commission keeps track of all the spending going on in presidential elections – even stolen ones. Here is a look at President Trump’s recent filings.

Right down to the penny.

That’s our boy!

I also checked the Biden for President FEC filings looking for NH addresses of out-of-state campaign workers who also vote here.

This is what I have found:

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Can someone help me? I must be doing something wrong.

FEC member Ellen Weintraub must be all over this.

Remember Ellen?

On Sunday morning, after reading Ellen Weintraub of the Federal Elections Commission calling for evidence from Trump about vote fraud in New Hampshire, Naile emailed her to talk about the numerous incidents that he has documented during the last 20 years, including the allegations of buses, AmeriCorps workers voting using a closed state park as their domicile, the Hooksett incident, the sloppy investigations in 2010, and the lack of action on thousands of affidavits from 2012.

“(The) investigations are frauds themselves,” he stated. “Your help in the past would have been nice.”

I am sure the Biden Team will file their expenses – someday.

Then I can find out if Epping terrorist threatener, Katelyn Marie Jones, and her mom were here in NH working on a campaign. I know from public records Katelyn voted in the primary in Olivet Michigan and here in Epping in the general election. That would be illegal: see RSA 659:34-a.

This means Katelyn was one of the thousands to use an out-of-state driver’s license as an ID to suppress your NH vote.

See how this works?