Eugenics Party Advocates Mutilation and Sterilization Disguised as Gender Rights - Granite Grok

Eugenics Party Advocates Mutilation and Sterilization Disguised as Gender Rights

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Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and discrimination. In the 20th century, their policy preferences destroyed the black family and increasingly trapped them on crime-riddled urban plantations while they (Democrats) pretended to be their friends. So, don’t be surprised by this. The recent push for gender drugs and surgery for kids follows a similar Modus Operandi.

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Few, if any, policies favored by Democrats have any purpose but the destruction of some institution into which they can then insert political power or state influence.

Recent chatter about raising the minimum wage hurts low-income and unskilled workers of all backgrounds, which is entirely the point.  The original minimum wage laws were proposed by Democrats to demoralize blacks in America.

In the age of the faux-science of climate alarmism and depopulation – a theme carried over from Malthus – expanding that mission to the general population makes sense.

If ‘They are too stupid’ to be lead and unworthy of breathing the same air, let’s do whatever we can to weed them out of the gene pool.

Making them dependents of the state is merely an advantageous baby-step in the progressive re-ordering of society. Lacking resources, they cannot interfere in the political process beyond being more likely to vote for whoever promises them more entitlements (or against anyone who dares suggest some other solution).

Fewer people make for a happier planet. And while abortion has done yeoman’s work as a genocidal “right” practiced almost exclusively on minorities, there are still a lot of mouth breathers we could do without.

Progressives have been trying to rid themselves of their lessers for all of human history; each step forward presented as the latest political fashion. Colloquially speaking, this is nothing more than the same old whore in a new dress.

Eugenics and social engineering by any other name (at least in America) would still start and end with Democrats, and the new not so new fad is gender reassignment.

As a choice made by adults willing to accept the costs for themselves, pretending to be something is not an issue if no one else is harmed. If you want to dress up like a penguin and hang out with your penguin friends, I couldn’t care less. Keep a job or engage in some productive purpose, pay your “fair share” to borrow a phrase, and don’t make yourself a burden, even with flippers instead of hands, have at it.

But that permissiveness has side effects. By embracing this dismissive attitude, a growing number of people (and most of an entire political party) appear willing to accept the next step. Projecting these choices upon children.

Not just state-sanctioned child abuse by #woke parents and doctors with questionable ethics but also making it illegal to prevent the chemical or surgical mutilation of children.

Sen. Rand Paul has the best most recent challenge on this issue, and he hits it out of the park, but the unanswered (or unasked) question is why? Why would the state sanction life-threatening chemical or (invasive) surgical transformations of minors (or any of the psychological or cultural warfare normalizing that)?

An agenda that (in many cases) will end their right to “reproductive freedom™” by making them sterile.  Interventions that also dramatically increase the odds of suicide even among those living in open or accepting communities.

So, it is not, in my opinion, an accident that the progressive political movement, given its history of eugenics, has advocated a policy of self-sterilization that advances nearly a century social re-engineering agenda.

Their nominee for Surgeon General of the United States not only embraces the practice they’d like to make it an essential part of primary school education. Embrace chemical or surgical modification to your body as a child that (coincidentally) advance a separate goal. And oh, by the way, we’re going to call it a human right.

Quite the opposite.

It is child abuse and needs to be opposed and not just because it appears, at least to this author, to be another policy bait and switch by the political left.

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