Trump to Address Nation Tonight at 9pm On Newsmax and OANN? [Update][Morning After] - Granite Grok

Trump to Address Nation Tonight at 9pm On Newsmax and OANN? [Update][Morning After]

Trump hugging American flag FI

According to the Marshall Report, President Trump will be addressing America at 9 pm ET tonight. The subject? I’m not sure, but there is a reference to evidence of something and a picture of laptops seized from members of congress by the National Guard.

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I honestly have no idea if this is legit, but I felt like it was a bold enough move to be the real deal.

We have every right to be suspicious. We’ve been promised things for years, and no one important has been charged or tried for crimes despite years of investigation. To borrow a phrase from Peter Strzok, there’s no there there.

Is there, some there-there?

He plans to address the American people at 9:00pm Eastern Time (7:00pm in Arizona) tonight. He asks that you tune in – to hear the EVIDENCE that the mainstream media has been hiding and not reporting!!!

Well, the Left is frantically trying to find a way to kick him out of office before the 20th of January. That’s a huge red flag to me.

They tried to get the joint chiefs to turn on him, and that failed. They seem to agree that he is the commander in chief until the end of his term. So, what do they know, and are they prepared to break this open?

Will it matter?

Mr. Trump knows the legacy media will not cover it or will break away the moment the Democrats appear to look bad, so there’s no point in hoping for any unbiased coverage there. But is there anything to cover?

I’m prepared to tune in and find out.

Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe it’s everything. Not necessarily proof that Biden and Dems stole the election but evidence that the DC raid and who knows what else was coordinated from inside congress by any number of key figures.

Evidence it was an inside job. That’s my feeling. If so, is it compelling? Will it even happen.

We’ll know in about 30 minutes.

[Update] Newsmax mentioned it twice as possible as early as 9 pm but it’s almost 10 pm and still nothing. Guess I’ll have to check back in the morning.

[Morning] I see nothing! That’s disappointing. But there is this-  Rasmussen: Trump’s Approval Rises After Capitol Hill Calamity.