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The Collusive Oligarchy

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We are in the few weeks of our time where decades of history seem to be happening. We are witnessing an unprecedented merging of corporate and government power that is fundamentally unconstitutional.

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The credible allegations of election fraud, the events of 1/6 instigated by agent provocateurs, and the subsequent actions of the Democrat party have revealed the power structure our Republic we will be subject to under the Biden regime.

We must take notice and form theories as to how this power operates. As Patriots, we must confront it in a disciplined and wise manner to preserve our natural rights.

Our Founding Fathers were inspired by John Locke who said:

For he that thinks absolute power purifies men’s blood, and correct the baseness of human nature, need read but the history of this, or any other age, to be convinced of the contrary”

This tight coupling of the corporate and government worlds seemingly united against a fictitious political enemy opens the gates to a style of power that we should be wary of. We should be as alarmed as Locke would have been.

This power is taking the form of what I call the Collusive Oligarchy. The Collusive Oligarchy spans government and private industry to unite them with a leftist ideological hegemony under the leadership of like-minded elites cemented by the hysteria of some type of pervasive right-wing domestic enemy.

The day to day operations of this Oligarchy is run by what I refer to as ‘activist guilds’ within the banks, media, law firms, non-profits, and technology companies that seek to influence the daily flow of capital, information, and votes.

These ‘activist guilds’ collude in an ideological synchronicity across the corporate and political spectrum to achieve the goals of the Oligarchy – destroy the competition, rebuke their existence, and consolidate the acquired power for the Democrat party while maintaining a hypocritical veil of some type of fashionable ‘social justice’.

An example of this is a campaign by other tech companies to strong-arm Salesforce to cancel their contracts with the US Border Patrol that aligned with the Democrat ‘open borders’ policies. This was but a foreshadowing of what Parler has faced in recent days, where one by one every vendor shut them down in an intuitively sequenced display of collusion masked by vapors of ‘public good’.

The Collusive Oligarchy has been in formation for a long time and is now openly showing its formidable power.

We must understand this significant power and how it is has formed before our eyes.

A recent report by Brookings shows the divergence and segmentation of our economy, and how it closely tracks with party affiliation. This accumulation of political and economic power in a limited geographic area in specific occupations created the conditions for the rise of the Collusive Oligarchy. This is the basis of the new power structure.

First, let’s look at the relationship between party, geography, and economy.

According to a Brookings analysis of the ‘ostensible’ results from this last election, President Trump won 2,547 counties which represent 29% of the economy. Joe Biden won only 509 counties which represent 71% of the US economy. This represents a continuation of the wealth concentration noted in the 2016 election, where Hilary Clinton won 472 counties with 64% of the GDP and President Trump won 2,584 counties with 36% of the GDP.

The money is in the hands of the Democrats, and it is contained in very tight geography.

Second, let’s review the relationship of party, votes, and economy.

In this last ostensible election, President Trump won roughly 74 million votes (48%), which represents 29% of the economy. Joe Biden ostensibly won roughly 79 million votes (52%), which represent 71% of the economy. This disproportionate share of economic power per vote was certainly deployed in this last election by the Democrats.

It is clearly reflected by the analysis conducted at, which shows that in 2020 Democrats spent $6.9 Billion on the election compared to the Republicans $3.8 Billion. This massive cash pile is in addition to a rash of private anti-democratic activity led by Mark Zuckerberg which has been well documented by Phil Kline.

Michael Bloomberg did not resist the temptation to put his fingers on the scale, spending millions to pay fees to get felons to vote in Florida. Keep in mind that these figures do not take into account outside donations by PACs, which also spent far more to boost Joe Biden. The country is roughly split 50/50 along party lines, however, the Democrats have far more money per vote.

Third, I want to look at the distribution of occupation inside the Democrat districts.

This is the most important aspect of the Collusive Oligarchy and its defining feature. According to the Wall Street Journal in 2018, the overwhelming number of ‘professional’ jobs are in the Democrat districts. I want to move away from using the term ‘professional’ because everyone who works is a professional. This is a slight that has been cast down upon people who do ‘active’ work for a very long time, and we need to discard this designation. I prefer to designate ‘sit down’ work (majority Democrat) and ‘stand up’ work (majority Republican).

In 2018, the WSJ reported that nearly three quarters of ‘sit down’ industries are in Democrat districts. Further, 71.1% of jobs in ‘digital’ (the quintessential sit-down industry) are in Democrat districts. The Democrats clearly have majority power when it concerns control over the tools of modern communication, Social Media.

Just as important, the Democrat areas include Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, where many federal bureaucrats live. The clustering of highly paid workers in specific occupations with Democrat party affiliation have led to the formation of ‘activist guilds’.

These guilds function as political agitators inside their own companies, forcing out workers with different political opinions and consolidating their own power, and constantly pushing leftward. This new type of activist-led corporation seeks profit as well as political influence and ideological sanctity.

The Democrat party welcomes members of the activist guilds with golden parachutes as they depart their tour of agitation inside the corporation, and the activist guilds likewise welcome Democrat bureaucrats leaving the government with open arms and generous compensation packages. This tight coupling is documented in the Intercept’s report ‘The Android Administration’.

These ‘activist guilds’ collude together to eliminate their competition when they recognize them as competitive politically, but not necessarily economically, such as what happened to Parler.

Fourth, I want to borrow a term that has been ‘weaponized’ by the Left, and redeploy this term.

This term is ‘inequity’. The concentration of 71% of our economy within 16% of our counties that vote loyally for the Democrat party is true inequity as defined by the Left. Life in Democrat-run cities is abysmal when you look at the crime and poverty. We need to actively broadcast the truth about this ‘inequity’ to everyone we know.

Given the Democrat theory of governance, high taxes enable higher spending on ‘social services’, you would think that these Democrat counties are set up for a Utopian windfall of ‘good living’. In reality, it is completely the opposite.

Life is not getting any better from these policies. It is a smokescreen for the consolidation of wealth and political power. Despite this massive concentration of wealth, which in theory should lead to a tax windfall to enable better ‘social services’, Democrat-run cities have the most crime in the United States of America. Democrats have most of the money, most of the drugs, most of the crime, and most of the ‘sit down’ jobs.

What does this tell us about the power structure that we now face?

The power of the Collusive Oligarchy is divided and wielded by ‘activists guilds’ who all live in a very restricted geographic area (San Francisco, Cambridge, Somerville, Seattle, etc) specifically involved in ‘sit down’ occupations.

These ‘activist guilds’ have narrow talents and great personal wealth that are used in coordination against Democrat party political opposition. They put tremendous upward pressure on corporate leadership to maintain strict ideological hegemony in a feedback loop with the Democrat party.

They faithfully execute the algorithms of repression while convincing themselves they are the ‘anti-fascists’. Need someone censored? The tech guild at Facebook has you on that. We now know that Hunter Biden has been reaching out for years directly to Facebook to get specific profiles deleted.

Want to get a whole industry unbanked? The bankers guild has you on that. Is there a lawyer aggressively defending their Republican client, the law guild will get them disbarred and accuse them of treason.

Want to have black-clad thugs intimidate and bear spray a woman in the face for supporting President Trump? The Antifa guild has you on that. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are funded and promoted by the Collusive Oligarchy as the proving ground for aspiring tyrants, the entry level guild that will feed those who are sufficiently thuggish and ideologically pure into higher positions in the structure.

In reality, these disenfranchised ‘activists’ are mobilized to perform political violence that serves the broad goals of the Democrat party from which the Oligarchy can retain a faint whiff of plausible deniability. The vast majority of them will be personally destroyed once they have served their narrow and short-term purpose.

They believe they are serving some sort of righteous cause, but they are really serving the rebirth of the crusty old establishment they so despise. There is no communist utopia in their future, only personal destruction, and jail.

We are facing a developing fascist regime, which is now stepping out of the shadows. Using a tool of the Left, Wikipedia, we can find that Fascism ‘referred to a totalitarian political movement linked with corporatism’. Totalitarian and corporate is the way the wind seems to be blowing in the United States of America, doesn’t it

This is certainly ironic because they are accusing everyone else of being ‘fascist’.

Activist guilds and the Collusive Oligarchy for whom they work present an unprecedented challenge to our Republic. Patriots will have to adjust their actions to the new reality of this tightening grip of totalitarian power. Some Patriots may choose to hide their true beliefs to become members of these activist guilds and make it their life’s work to moderate or co-opt them from the inside.

Others may simply avoid confrontation and focus on strengthening themselves and their family. There will certainly still be the outspoken Patriots who vigorously and openly opposing the stumbling leftward lurch of our Country.

We need all three types of Patriots to get after it. Read their books, even if it makes you angry. Learn how to communicate with them in their own woke dialect and subtly redirect them. While we can use Social Media cautiously and purposefully, don’t waste your time there.

Let us continue to be the people of the real ‘stand up’ world. We should dominate the shop floor, town hall, bar room, and the ball field. Gathering in person and face to face meetings must take up a new urgency. Write letters, not 140 character tweets. Let us not waste our time in the fantasy land of Social Media created to entrap the human spirit.

We must study the first principles of our Founding Fathers and renew the love of our Country and our Patriotism. We face an enormous challenge and a very capable adversary. So did our Founding Fathers. God Bless America.