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NH GOP Annual Meeting – Another Observation From A Loyal Reader


As a Merrimack County GOP Committee member, who was credentialed to attend this fiasco, it went exactly like anyone with a brain would know it would go; and, the mere fact that out of the starting gate 50 people voted “multiple” times on a yes or no “monkey” survey, was when this meeting needed to adjourn.

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In fact, there was over an hour of monkey business with that survey. After a couple of hours in, with so many angered, and so many had left the meeting (40+/-), it is my belief the GOP establishment knew Keith Hanson had won, and working overtime behind closed doors to stop the vote for Chair and Vice-Chair.

Fast forward to where it stands now if the GOP has its way…the same absentee ballot scheme as in the general election. No matter how many typed bold words were held to the computer screen (SCAM, RIGGED, FARCE); or how many people gave the bird, mouthed expletives &#%!@?! followed by ADJOURN! ADJOURN!! ADJOURN!!! a***holes!!!!; or how many contorted their blood pressured rising red faces, and became completely unglued; we now know why we were never EVER recognized at any time, or able to “chat” with fellow delegates. The selected “essential” people were behind closed doors working out a coup, much like what we are seeing on the national level. Coups have gone rampart from sea to shining sea, and there is no nice way to put this – socialist/communist democrats and globalist elitists have deceitfully and stealthily taken over the GOP.

In their duly signed letter to membership requesting our support and vote, Stepanek and Tucker bragged, ALL the “Republicans” gained in 2020 was because:

WE, Stephen and Pam, knew WE, as a party, could turn this around and chose to run for Chair and Vice-Chair of the party, respectively. WE laid out a plan of where WE wanted to go and how WE were going to get there….

Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

The enemy is within, and the enemy needs to be removed IF New Hampshire is to be restored to the Live Free or Die state of its glorious ratified beginning. Don’t stop with the State GOP State Committee removal petition.

On Thursday, 1/21/2021, four Republican Executive Council members (3 newly elected), listened as the State GOP Attorney/Parliamentary Bryan Gould give a glowingly recommendation on behalf of appointing zealot AG MacDonald as the newest Chief Justice to the NH Supreme Court; and early Friday, 1/22/2021, MacDonald was confirmed.

These traitor RINO EC members – Joe Kenney, Janet Stevens, Ted Gatsas, David Wheeler could hardly wait for the day of public testimony to end to seat him; and Stepanek and Tucker couldn’t wait to claim victory. The fix was in, and in Stepanek and Tucker’s own words – “It happened. OUR focus on taking back the state and building OUR grassroots reaped rewards. By working together WE changed the Executive Council from a 3-2 deficit to a 4-1 majority for US.

With the speed the established State GOP is working to stack local/state/national elected positions with the elitist globalist establishment, WE THE PEOPLE need to be as speedy in blocking and/or removing them. The five listed in Grafton County GOP Committee member Wes Chapmon’s petition calling for resignation of the NH GOP leadership with a vote of “No Confidence” is a good start. Let’s next keep an eye to those on the Governor’s Executive Council next. It is rather pathetic that the lone “democrat” on the EC was the only one asking questions of significance – although quite agenda driven, and the only one who voted down the nomination of MacDonald for complete lack of judicial experience.

Oh! not yet
Mayst thou unbrace thy corslet, nor lay by
Thy sword; nor yet, O Freedom! close thy lids
In slumber; for thine enemy never sleeps,
And thou must watch and combat till the day
Of the new earth and heaven.

The Antiquity of Freedom
By William Cullen Bryand (1794-1878)


Kathleen LaBonte is a Merrimack County GOP Committee Member