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Just to Add to the Katelyn Marie Jones Story. We Have This.

Twitter evolution

Little Katelyn of Epping, NH/Olivet, Mi., sent terrorist messages to an election official, Republican, in Michigan showing pictures of mutilated bodies. Those pictures were meant to scare that official. Her daughter just had a baby and little Katelyn was simply asking about the chance this might happen to her relatives.

Katelyn supposedly sent ten messages in this terrorist chain mail package.

Now I checked with a reliable source who I cannot name – but his initials are “Skip.” He assured me that as of several days ago that…here goes… Little Katelyn still has a Twitter account!


This is why I think Michigan will find a way to let her off the hook.

The NH AG did it with Carl Robert Gibson – remember Carl? He was arrested for voter suppression, like for real voter suppression.

Pretend to be a candidate in a special election, on Twitter of course,” and falsely announce you are dropping out of the race to suppress the vote, and the NH AG lets you go on a simple forgery conviction?

With all the talk about voter suppression – we here in NH actually had a case!

Nothing to see here folks – just how the NH AG does business.

Here comes terrorist threatener Katelyn.

NH doesn’t want to prosecute her, although the calls were supposedly made from NH. (Democrat, you think?)

The crackerjack prosecutors, in this case, didn’t pull her Twitter account.

What gives?

This is like saying the NH AG didn’t take Carl Robert Gibson’s computer, the one on which he committed voter suppression.

Oh, wait, they didn’t, as far as I know. When Carl was arrested, he was in possession of his Kentucky driver’s license, but the public was told he was a “Concord man.”

Maybe it’s me but I see a pattern here.

Katelyn’s mom, Linda Katherine Jones, was the Lee Township Clerk in a county located in Michigan. For at least 8 years. But now votes from 177 Main St. in Epping, her new legal domicile from what I can tell.

Katelyn was extradited to Michigan. That is a long way from Epping and 177 Main St.

Maybe a former Township Clerk has some pull in Michigan.

Waiting on an email back from Lee Township.