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Exit, Stage Left.

Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

To the hypocrites that have been salivating over the idea of Orange Man Bad being removed from office: How dare you?

Many of you (and Never Trumpers on the Right) have such disdain for Trump and his supporters that you have championed a man who clearly has dementia who didn’t even run a campaign. The Media campaigned for him.

While Trump rallies had thousands of people, the very few Biden appearances had a dozen or so attendees.

Some of you have posted memes. When I have tried to make thoughtful comments, ask real questions, or pointed out verifiable lies, I have been insulted, called names, sworn at, and been unfriended.

The impetus for this rant is a friend who said that anyone who supports the Capitol event should unfriend her. Where were you all during the events over that past 7 months or so? The protests, riots, vandalism, looting, burning, attacks, and deaths were supported by the Left (including elected officials) because their cause was deemed just. Really?  News flash here: many people on the Right in DC believe that their cause was just as well.

Did anyone notice that police killed an unarmed person at the Capitol? Where are the country-wide protests? Oh wait, she was a white woman. Who cares about Ashli? Lots of positive coverage about the officer that died.

People on the Right (in which direction I tend to lean) have endured more than 4 years of the Left gathering under the banners since the day after the election: the election was stolen or rigged, illegitimate president, resist, pussy hats, remove Trump by any means necessary, he’s not my president, Trump is literally Hitler, Trump is a fascist dictator. All of a sudden, the election is as secure as Fort Knox. Completely un-hackable. Does that seem a bit strange?

Did anyone notice that voting irregularities were summarily dismissed as not “widespread”? Did anyone notice that said claims of improper ballots didn’t occur in Bismark, Topeka, or Boise? Instead, they occurred in high population, mostly Democratic-led cities in blue states.

The same Left that championed Robert Mueller’s $33M 2 1/2 year falsely initiated an evidence-free investigation of Trump’s “collusion with Russia” had no interest in actually looking into claims of voter fraud. Trump was impeached over the contents of a telephone call to Ukraine, while Biden was cheered when he announced that US aid would be withheld unless a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired.

Biden, who has trouble stringing 3 sentences together, received millions more votes than smooth-talking Obama. That seems like an unlikely outcome.

“Trump wouldn’t concede,” many cried. Two years later, Stacey Abrams still hasn’t conceded Georgia’s governorship, and she lost by more of a margin than Trump allegedly has. I recall that Hillary Clinton still claimed that the 2016 election was stolen from her as late as last fall.

Four years of anything that Trump said was edited out of context and bad. My favorite is post-Charlottesville. (Look up the video.) Anything that Trump and his team accomplished was dismissed out of hand. I have a 3-way tie: peace agreements in the Middle East (thought impossible), best economy in 50 years (pre-flu), or the start of COVID vaccines (also thought impossible).

“It’s wrong to have a cult of personality around Trump!”. Fair enough. Oh, does anyone remember various celebrities pledging allegiance, not to the country, but Barack Obama, the Bringer of Light? “That’s different!”. Uh, huh.

No one on the Left has really disowned the Left’s violence, nor have they acknowledged that both Antifa and BLM were founded on lies. Not only has Trump not acted as a dictator, but actual Antifa members have; the way fascists did Italy and Germany.

The ironically named Black Lives Matter movement has refused to accept the DOJ data refuting their claims that black people “literally” take their lives in their hands just by going outside.

Additionally, they have refused to accept that the events that supposedly initiated the group’s founding (including Martin & Brown) were totally false.

If you read this far, thanks for sticking with me. If you want to unfriend me (for some, again), go ahead. If you want to insult me, knock yourself out.

We’re seemingly unable to discuss Miltonian versus Keynesian economics or whether Socialism or Free Market systems benefit more people. Why?  Because it seems that the Right views the Left as well-meaning, but misguided and the Left views the Right as heartless and evil. We’ll never come nearer to being together unless everyone abides by the same rules.

I’ll soon be leaving Facebook as the hate spewed towards people who don’t toe the line outweigh the pleasure I get from keeping in touch with people I have known for many years.  My friends know my email address if they want to reach out. Freedom isn’t free.