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Breaking: Gordon MacDonald Confirmed to NH State Supreme Court

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New Hampshire’s 5-member Executive Council, after watching almost 8 hours of interrogation by folks like you and me – and the usual suspects – has confirmed AG Gordon MacDonald to the New Hampshire State Supreme Court.

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We are working on a copy of the hearing and will bring you bits as they become available. Not that it will stop the nomination. He’s in, despite an unusual across-the-aisle effort by Democrats and Republicans opposed to his elevation.

You can review the numerous published objections by various Grok Autors or Op-Ed writers here.

This is from a Giddy Governor’s Office on their successful nomination.


Concord, NH – Today, after the Executive Council voted to confirm Attorney General Gordon MacDonald as Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Governor Chris Sununu issued the following statement:

“Attorney General Gordon MacDonald is one of the most highly qualified individuals ever to serve as Chief Justice and will lead New Hampshire’s highest court with distinction,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “I would like to thank Councilors Wheeler, Kenney, Gatsas, and Stevens for carefully considering Gordon’s outstanding qualifications.”

He’s not even remotely qualified, which means he can’t possibly be the most qualified. But Gordo has the backing of Clan Sununu, and they know most of the big-dollar donors to Republican campaigns.

That’s speculative, but it would not be the first time that happened.

And now we’ve got another Mr. “what vote fraud” in charge of the state’s highest court.

A closely held criminal organization does not begin to properly explain New Hampshire politics.