Quick Thought: If only JHo had had Principles to lose... - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: If only JHo had had Principles to lose…


SHOT: Jennifer Horn: GOP has lost its compass

CHASER: Her lack of Principles has circled back around her. Good riddance.


She’s always been a political and financial opportunist. Both were on full display when she stabbed the TEA Party movement and Jack Kimball in the back (and then climbed over his back to succeed him in that “two term” GOP Chair). She’s doing everything right – if you’re a Democrat that’s projecting. Good riddance. And since I no longer travel, I don’t have any need to read USA Today (or USA Yesterday as a commenter has put it on FB).

Her column is in the UL but I’m not linking to it. Once again, she’s still chasing that dollar on a string through the trailer park that lives in that vacuous head of hers.

The Democrats can have her but given the animus that the Lincoln Project has raised about the L.P., I guess the only folks that MIGHT want her would be the Democrat Socialists of America.

Anyways, we’ll be rid of her. Santa Clause delivered a late present and we all should be glad for it.

(H/T: Greg)

UPDATE: She has about the same common sense and stupidity that Steve Schmidt, another cofounder of the Lincoln Project (but who had the sense of actually being a successful Grifter raking in the money as opposed to JHo who could only spell grifter):

Schmidtt on vaccine

Neither that nor JHo have aged well.