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Report: Diebold “Agent” John Sununu Encouraged States to Buy “Untrustworthy” Accuvote Machines

People vote at a polling place at the Canterbury Town Hall polling station in Canterbury, New Hampshire

I’m not sure what to make of this yet, but sharing it should generate enough outrage to shake a few things loose. According to this report from 2019, South Carolina had an AccuVote voting machine problem, and the equipment has ties to John Sununu.

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And yes, New Hampshire has Accuvote equipment all over the state. I can’t say it’s the same, similar, different, or suffered from similar or any issues.

We are not suggesting it has, can, or will.

What is happening is there are (or were) issues in other states with similar equipment. Machines that people in the business of running elections call “‘awful’ electronic voting equipment.”

Here’s a snippet from the report.

The relationship between Global Election Systems. Diebold, Premier Election Solutions and ES&S is convoluted.   Robert and Todd Urosevich are brothers who have been partners and competitors.  They were both involved in Global Election Systems during its beginnings.  Robert cut a deal with Diebold to sell electronic voting equipment through Premier Election Solutions.  Todd Urosevich is identified as a “beneficial owner” and “executive officer” in an ES&S Notice of Sale of Securities with the Securities & Exchange Commission in 2008.

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was one of the Diebold agents asking officials in states like South Carolina, Florida and Georgia to buy the Canton, Ohio corporation’s electronic voting equipment before the 2004 election its chairman had promised Ohio to George W. Bush.

It would help if you read the piece to grasp the situation fully, but I’ll add one more pull quote before a summary and setting you loose.

“The software contains serious design flaws that have led directly to specific vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to affect election outcomes.  These vulnerabilities include vulnerability to malicious software; susceptibility to viruses; failure to protect ballot secrecy; vulnerability to malicious insiders,” the California report concluded about the equipment Sununu was pushing South Carolina to install in its 46 counties throughout 2004 and 2005.

As O’Dell promised Bush in-between the Diebold chairman’s travels from Canton, Ohio and the corporation’s Moscow offices 15 minutes from the KGB, the state was delivered to his presidential candidate using the same Accuvote-TS to count votes in Ohio that South Carolina’s officials were buying and now want to “update.”   It’s the same equipment South Carolina officials used in 2016 to count Donald Trump’s votes for president.

One more time for the cheap seats. We’re not making any claim to issues with the New Hampshire AccuVote machines, operating software, and our elections. But we have AccuVote equipment all over the state. John Sununu was our governor way back when. This report links him to Diebold and moving the problem machines in Ohio that ended up in South Carolina and elsewhere.

People at both ends are saying there are security and software issues.

Someone who gets paid to do journalism will probably write a puff piece that flushes the suspicion down the media-bias commode. Still, there are a lot of folks in our audience with as good or better skills than the average New Hampshire “reporter.” If you have some time on your hands, we’d be happy to share whatever you can dig up and give you the byline, either way.

I do not have the time to do it justice, so I’m throwing a  crowdsourcing Hail Mary.

Maybe it’s all BS, and maybe there is no connection to New Hampshire or at least our equipment or our former Governor. But it would be good to find out the problems and who knew what, if anything, about potential security issues.

If you can help, we appreciate it and look forward to furthering communications on the matter. With any luck, we’ll have something to report before Turkey-Day. If not, well – then not.