Trump Wins Alaska as RCP Hands Pennsylvania Back to Biden - Granite Grok

Trump Wins Alaska as RCP Hands Pennsylvania Back to Biden

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Not elected yet, president-elect Biden is back to 279 electors as far as the media is concerned. Real ClearPolitics pulled PA from his side of the ledger a few days ago, dropping him to 259 but has now returned it to team Blue. Not that it matters. No state has yet certified a single elector and legal challenges abound.

Related:  RealClearPolitics has just pulled Pennsylvania 20 electoral votes from Biden (now at 259)

But it will make the crazy left giddy and reinforce the narrative they never abandoned. Biden is the president-elect. He’s not. He might be, and he could be, but that remains a question of fraud. Massive epidemic fraud.

And as long as there are questions about the integrity of the vote, it won’t be easy to proceed with any certainty.

That’s not to say Biden can’t pull this out, but we’ve speculated elsewhere that he loses and why and I won’t go into that again here. I will say that Trump’s chances look a lot better the longer the counting continues.

And it’s fun to watch Facebook and Twitter fact-check all of this. They add tags and flags and look like FOX News, who is losing viewers faster than we can count.

I’ve had a very laid-back approach to all of this, even at its most dismal. I cannot, after all, change much short of a sliver of public perception.

So, we continue to do that by providing reports and opinions corporate media ignores or refuses to carry.