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Stacey “Never Concede” Abrams Instructs Republican on How To Accept Election Results

Stacey Abrams

Nothing says Liberal-living like the hypocrisy of the left. LA Governor Gavin ‘Napa’ Newsom cancels Thanksgiving then goes to an exclusive Wine Country thing with a crowd sans masks and distancing. And Stacey “I still have not conceded my 2018 election loss’ Abrams is schooling the GOP on how to accept election results.

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To her MSNBC choir.

“Look, we have the right as Americans to litigate, to challenge, and to call into question, but we do not have the right to our own facts, and we do not have the right to manufacture evidence. … Donald Trump is entitled to his opinion. He’s entitled to be unhappy about the outcome. But, as I did in 2018, I acknowledged the legal sufficiency of the election.

She did not. In fact, she made more noise than anyone about not conceding. And she did have a right to challenge results and did. She simply had no path, legal or otherwise, to the Governor’s mansion or the corner office. Her legal claims fell flat. And she’s never conceded publicly unless that was it. So, Abrams is not the best front-gurl for accepting election results.

In the same way Andy Cuomo is not the best face for managing COVID and Nursing Home Care.

But we encourage them to keep it up. It makes for easy blog fodder. And hey, she got an MSNBC gig out of it so there’s that.