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Quick Thought: “Biden Says He Discussed ‘National Mask Mandate’ with Governors”


That from National Review and followed with:

Joe Biden said in a Thursday address that he had discussed implementing a national mask mandate with a number of state governors.

Biden and vice-president elect Kamala Harris spoke with members of the National Governors’ Association on Thursday, including Democrat Andrew Cuomo of New York and Republican Kay Ivey of Alabama.

“We discussed the implementation of a national mask mandate,” Biden said. “Ten governors, Democrat and Republican, have imposed masking requirements and recognized the need for universal masking….It’s not a political statement. It’s a patriotic duty.”

So, DJ Bettencourt and the rest of Gov. Sununu’s staff, was he on that call?  Or not?  I think all New Hampshireites are due a truthful accounting. We know he had a closed meeting with other NE Governors as well as with Fredo’s older brother the NY Guv (he who killed THOUSANDS in NY nursing homes from bad policies).

If political people are making the decisions, by definition, it IS a political statement. And Biden is reaching for everything he can to assume that whatever he proclaims will be covered under the “patriotic” banner instead of owning up. And you can stick that “Unity” exactly where you think I’m thinking of as well.

The timings of both meetings  ahead of this now mask mandated (gee, HOW little time was it that Baby Huey was saying he wasn’t in favor of one? Yeah, the word “steadfast” is now kinda out the window, eh?) are REALLY bad optics given the “resistance” he put up about this before the election. Was this a “screw it, I’m good for a coupla years now” screw you?” moment? Kinda smells like it to me

After all, this?  Your own numbers are showing this a Power play fraud…unless of course, you want to now claim your own numbers are bogus…

(H/T: Ken)