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Facebook Doodlings – Trump or Biden, Two Can Play This Game

Kamala Pence Rule resizd

Once again, we have a Progressives deciding to help the Democrat “Unity” movement along by trying to persuade us to “concede.”


Im [sic] thankful the founder of Trump University, Trump Steaks, owner of many failed hotels, reality-tv show host, creator of Trumpcare, master wall builder, and all around shady guy is on his way out. only good thing about 2020 for the country.

She forgot impeached (I guess the acquittal ruined that for her).


And I’m thankful that the Democrat Party has put itself on full display on its march for Power in putting up a thrice failed, plaigerist, progenitor of “Borkism” and now in the throws of beginning dementia who seemingly is unaware that he’s about to get 25th’d – a first! Oh, and someone who broke up someone else’s marriage. Such a paragon!

I’m giving it a year, tops, before Kamala throws the race card and a variation of Obama’s “better when wealth is spread around” – “better when a woman TAKES that Power.” What a “First” for someone – the first President that will be stabbed in the back by his own cabinet using the 25th Amendment (re incapacitation) soon after inauguration.

(H/T: FB group)