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Civil War – a Light Hearted “Starting Gun” Narrative (“Control the Narrative, Control the People”)

Legal Winner vs medai winner

The MSM has been screaming “White Supremacist Militias” for a while. Ignoring their Brownshirts (Antifa and Black Live Matter rioters) who have been more violent and more destructive than any “militia” groups outside of any Democrat-held urban areas.

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The “Proud Boys is a multiracial group that formed as a Resistance (the Democrats’ most favorite word these past four years) to Antifa who are despoiling Seattle under the careful gaze of a Democrat city leadership (whose gaze turned out to be “blind eyes” to their citizens’ plight who just wanted to be left alone and let Antifa take over the city).

And the two words of “Civil War” have been bantered about for a while; many would agree that during this time, we’ve been experiencing a Cold Civil / Culture War for a number of years now and that this Prez election was going to be the Fort Sumter of our time. Imagine, if you would, if the evening of Nov 3 was showing Biden leading by large amounts and when you woke up later that morning of the 4th only to see that Trump was in the lead; what would the Left’s reaction be?

Yeah, the Left was all set with over 130 groups to “peacefully protest” in DC alone but more on this again. But, here’s a lighthearted (relatively speaking) video on that spark – and the MSM gets it in the shorts:

(H/T: RedState)