BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems ABRUPTLY CANCELED PARTICIPATION in PA House Republican Hearing! - Granite Grok

BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems ABRUPTLY CANCELED PARTICIPATION in PA House Republican Hearing!


The integrity of America’s elections is vital to our Republic.  Too many questions that are related to the November elections in too many states remain unanswered .  Many of those questions revolve around electronic voting systems and the vote counting that takes place in Europe! PA uses Dominion Voting Systems equipment for their elections – and the Pennsylvania House Republicans rightfully want answers.

Yesterday, Dominion agreed to participate in a hearing to ensure PA voters their elections were safe and secure.  But Dominion abruptly canceled.  Why???

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PA State Representative Dawn Keefer raised questions and concerns that require answers:

Fourteen Counties, mine being one of them in York county, utilize the Dominion software.  And Pennsylvanians deserve to know exactly how Dominion Systems worked, as well as what software was utilized in our election process.  And the security measures that they had in place, so that we can give voters the confidence on the election outcomes.

Most of us would agree here that we trust the workers in our polling places. And we trust the workers in our counties.  They’re our neighbors, and they are people we elected.

But what we don’t know, and therefore we can’t trust is the role of third party companies, right?

So when Dominion said they would come and answer the questions, this was an opportunity for them to demonstrate who they were, the services they were providing, the products they were selling us and how they were being utilized… and give the voters the confidence that they’re looking for.  Unfortunately, they’re rescinding their acceptance of participation in our committee hearing robbed our voters of that information.

Questions that we had: Did Dominion play a role in the tabulation of the votes cast?  We don’t know. 

And was it the same in all the counties?  We don’t know.

Did Dominion program the software and the equipment that was used in the 12 counties?  We don’t know.

It’s what we’re hearing they are doing in other states but are they doing it here?  We don’t know.

Was there direct county oversight? Was there expertise in that oversight?  You could put anybody to oversee it but if you don’t know how it operates or why it operates is that oversight?

Were test runs done, conducted before the election?  Were they done after the election?

How do we know?

Does Dominion use open source softwares so that observers can go in and they can see exactly what switches are being turned on and turned off?  We don’t know.

Transparency is key.  So if they are doing this, if they used open source software, right, we would know what’s going on there.  The average observer could take a look to see what that process is.

Americans across the country have a right to know the answers to these and many more questions.

More to come…