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Are We On the Brink of Another Ice Age? It Looks Like We Are.

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Between election news and the Public Health Fascism, there’s a bigger problem looming. Another first, if you will. A historical event that has seen the end of numerous civilizations. Another mini-ace age looms that could become more than just mini.

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As our readers know, the Solar Minimum is old news around here. We’ve been talking about the sun taking a vacation for a few years because that’s what science and evidence tell us. And the recent solar maximum is over.  We also shared the research of Prof Valentina Zharkova on Solar Inertial Motion and solar retrograde cycles and their relationship to the earth’s climate and ice ages.

And guess what? The planets have literally aligned for historical cooling.

The sun is in a weak cycle, and its retrograde motion coincides with historical cooling events.

 The retrograde motion itself is produced by the gravitational pull of the planets; primarily Saturn and Jupiter. When Saturn and Jupiter are both in the same quadrant of the solar system they exert a greater pull on the sun. The cycle is undeniable.

What are we looking at? Well, according to scientists who are not working for the ruling class,

On earth, the solar retrograde cycle triggers fluctuations in geomagnetic-field intensity while causing abrupt – and extreme – changes in climate. The changes are so severe that at every other beat of the cycle – approximately every 360 years – the earth plunges into a Little Ice Age. (“The 360-year Little Ice Age cycle shows up in the Morrison Formation clear back in the Jurassic,”).

And the last year of the previous little ice age was almost exactly 360 years ago.

The 1440-year cycle brings with it “dramatic and rapid” changes in climate (dry in some areas, wet in others) and worldwide glacier expansion. The cycle appears to be related to internal oscillations in the ocean-climate system, says Mayewski (which I attribute to underwater volcanism, triggered by changes in geomagnetic intensity, triggered by the changes in the sun).


As if that weren’t enough, multiply the 1440-year cycle by eight, and you come up with 11,520, which is suspiciously close to the 11,500-year ice-age cycle.


The next beat of the 179-year solar retrograde cycle is due. The next beat of the 360-year Little Ice Age cycle is due. The next beat of the 1440-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 11,500-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 100,000-year ice-age cycle is due . . .

And, John Kerry wants to be climate Csar for a Biden administration in love with Bernie’s Leftism and Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal, which pretends to be about cooling a planet on the verge of another ice age. To save the planet.

Who is going to save us from these Democrats?

Donald Trump, fracking, and abundant, affordable energy solutions with free markets to innovate and evolve for whatever we end up needing is what we have and need.

We still need that, because we are looking at historic cooling.

Not warming.