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Trump’s America vs. Biden’s America


We have a family that is: Large – how DARE they have more than 2 kids!  Environmentalism means ZERO kids because there’s too many people on Earth already!

  • Religious – how DARE they worship God and live by the precepts of the Bible? Why, why, why – that’s not inclusive! It’s judgemental! It’s just icky! How can Government control a nuclear family if they believe there is something more Powerful then God?  And sin? How can we tell them that sin is what WE tell them it is if the definition of sin is written down?
  • Multiracial – how DARE Amy Coney Barrett adopt kids that aren’t People of Pallor? How DARE the Barretts yank little kids out of their own culture of poverty and misery and inculcate them with traditional American values of manners, hard work, chores, being well-spoken – and loving?
  • TWO PARENTS – that’s putting every other family that we’ve made to be dependent on Government feel bad!  FAMILY PRIVILEGE – how COULD they?
  • TWO WORKING PARENTS – and now they’re making welfare families, generations of them, look bad.
  • Home – seriously, from FLYOVER country? How can America EVAH take them seriously? You look down from 35,000 and there’s just these little towns where everyone knows everyone else and they don’t even lock their doors????
  • HAPPY! Gawd, don’t they know about the misery here in the worst country in history? The racism, the inequalities, the oppression – you know, all the things wrong in the Democrat run cities?

And look how they look – happy, supportive, LOVING. SMILING SHOULD BE OUTLAWED! I even bet ACB read stories to her kids at bedtime (not to say during the day as well).

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!  Why can’t they be more like Biden’s America?


(H/T: Instapundit)