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Quick Thoughts: Guns, Equal Outcomes, Apology Tour, More Government, Socialism

Responding to a number of Letters to the Editor in the Daily Sun:

I would like to gently remind Sharon Lafond (Sept. 28) that she was reading a novel (i.e., fiction). It is clear that she has never seen a video of a real gunfight. Defensive shooting is geared towards stopping an attack.

There really isn’t a “kill shot” with a handgun. Pistols are frequently ineffective in ending an attack, which necessitates the need for multiple shots.

Two things can reduce the need for people being shot: 1 If you’re being arrested, don’t resist. You and your attorney can make your case in court. 2 Don’t violently attack people and you’ll minimize your chance of being shot.

Leonard Campbell (Sept. 29) has it partially correct. Our government was created to exist by the consent of the governed. Its goal of providing equal protection and opportunity still needed some tuning, which came into play in the 1960s.

Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the U.S. Constitution calls for equality of outcomes, or the government providing individual citizens with goods or services, or living with dignity.

The commandment in Deuteronomy 15:11 is for individuals to be open-handed toward the poor, not for the government to take from some people and give to other people.

Isn’t that more in line with socialism?

How has Mirno Pasquali (Sept. 29) come to the conclusion that President Trump has “gravely damaged America’s role as a world leader”?

I recall then-President Obama bowing to various countries’ leaders on his “apology tour.” Obama did more than his share of dividing the country, using the state (e.g., IRS, DOJ, FBI) to harass and spy on various Americans.

Can you justify your vote for Joe Biden, in government for 47 years with minimal accomplishments, without mentioning Trump’s name? Mr. Biden can’t.

I see that Ruth Larson (Oct. 2) takes issue with a current N.H. rep’s penchant for less government, in clear contrast with her desire for more government.

Is there any level of government bureaucracy that she would eliminate or reduce? Is there any task that the state has taken on where the stated goals are achieved? How does the BCCD provide $16 worth of services from each budget dollar? Pretty amazing return. Oh, you would have to disallow grants (as that’s money) and volunteer efforts (as their time is equivalent to money). We’re ready.

Would Richard Davis (Oct. 2) please provide any evidence to back up his wild, uh, claims on the danger in which our constitutional republic now finds itself due to Mr. Trump?

Finally, kudos to Elliot Finn (Oct. 6) on his comments on the utter failure of socialism. I don’t know why people so firmly cling to the idea that “someone else” will pay for what they want “for free.” There literally isn’t enough money in the world.