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NY and Mass “Campers” Driving Into NH, Parking, and Declaring Residency To Vote!?

Camper van

This appears to be a thing, and we need your help to flesh it out. People from Massachusetts and New York are driving their campers into New Hampshire. They are parking them somewhere and then going to the local town hall to claim that as their address for voting purposes.

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A caller into Howie Car from Unity New Hampshire says the town lawyer is up to their eyeballs over the situation though it is not clear what that means. Cease and desist orders.

I’m getting this second-hand, so I am not clear on those details but vote-fraud is on the table.

And, of course, a bigger question is, who told them all to come here?

Where else is this going on in our state, and are people going to let it happen?

Unity is up by Claremont in Sullivan County. One little corner of camping paradise. But New Hampshire has thousands of them.

Is there an organized effort to get blue out-of-staters to steal our votes by coming up here in campers and squatting to claim residency to vote then that’s a conspiracy to commit fraud.

How widespread is this, and it is going on in other swing states or with close races where Dems want to keep or steal a Senate seat or a House seat?

Ask around. Let us know if you are seeing anything like this in your neck(s) of the woods.