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I Think Facebook Just Throttled Me Because There’s an Election in a Few Days

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The GraniteGrok.com Facebook page has been kicking some backside this month despite being muted. We’ve reached nearly 740,000 people in the past four weeks. But there’s an election in a few days, so Facebook just throttled me and the page (again, more).

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Throttled for the Election


We get flagged a few times a month when their Lib Fact-Checkers bitch about the content. It is almost always Facebook being Facebook. But we’ve not seen anything similar for two weeks. And reach and traffic has been good despite all the barriers Facebook set in our way.

insights 10-28-30 day before throttle

But the Election is on November 3rd. I guess they don’t want me pitching ads or boosting content over the weekend. That means they are punishing me for not being a Democrat or pushing their bulls**t.

And they have a target on me. I post all the Grok content to Grok Facebook and the Grok Group. I  am an Admin on both pages. And recent tweaks to the Fascist Facebook policies make me a target even when the content is not mine.

I get a little ding every time someone selects a sad or angry emoji. Content flagged as false or partly false gets me dinged as well. Content flagged for “missing context” is also bad and Orwellian to boot. That’s Facebook fact-checker argot we’re dinging you because you did not include our opinion or our facts.

This is the Fairness Doctrine of Social media.

The Fairness Doctrine, “introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was—in the FCC’s view—honest, equitable, and balanced.”

On Facebook, everything is political, and all politics is controversial. Speech is not free, and the Social Media Stasi manipulates thought. Dark forces often triggered by lefty-snowflakes who flag content to get us spanked. Democrats who come to us to flag our content to get us throttled.

It’s just the way things are, and it is why we are also on other social media platforms. And while it has cut into our traffic, we are still kicking ass and taking names.

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But, we would appreciate it if you’d skip Facebook and come right to the home page. Make it a habit, every morning or evening, or both and (hey, why not) throughout the day. Whenever you can.

We have new content every 90 minutes, give or take. And with Facebook no longer coming between us, you are less likely to miss something.

We will continue to post to Facebook, but only because our readers continue to expect that even when they can’t be quite sure why they do not see as much content from us.

We’re creating content, and we have a comment system; we just all need to embrace the idea of cutting out the middle man.

That would be Facebook. They need you more than you need them. And we need to start talking about treating that Grok Mobile App I’ve wanted to get built.