Congratulations Justice Amy Coney Barrett - You are Already Making Democrats Crazy - Granite Grok

Congratulations Justice Amy Coney Barrett – You are Already Making Democrats Crazy


Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed by the Senate, 52-48, to the US Supreme Court with only Susan Collins voting with the Democrats who are whining like toddlers.


I wonder if Democrat Senators will riot, loot the Senate chamber, and then set it on fire? That’s the tantrum of choice these days. Then blame it on white people, or cops, or something. I can see House Democrats doing that.

Funny thing. The nuclear option was first invoked (if I’m not mistaken) as a standing rule by Democrat Harry Reid. The simple majority vote for all manner of things Democrats wanted when they wanted them.

When it happens to work for things they don’t want, they take a snit.

Pack the court, they say. Originalism is sexist, racist, and homophobic, which is actually not true. Very little that the left wants you to believe is true.

The reality is quite simple. Everyone has rights, not just the people who Democrats claim are voting for them. And you cannot give them rights others can’t share. You can’t take rights from them, deny them their religious liberty, right to assembly, and free speech.

Basic individual liberties that do not come from government, and that’s why gets the Left’s knickers in a wad.

They want to decide what these rights are, how they are applied when you have them, and when you do not. They are favors to be handed out to supporters and denied to opponents. The very thing the Constitution and originalism exist to prevent.

It is to prevent tyranny and mob rule, all of which are on display from the political left.

The idea that the Court could be lost to them as a legislative mechanism for progressivism for a generation has them flabbergasted. They have never, in their lifetime, pondered the possibility that this resource might escape them.

To have to create laws that do what they want, knowing the court will find they violate the constitution is untenable. So, yes, if they win back power, they will impeach judges and justices. They will do whatever it takes to ensure that there are no barriers to their program. And they will say anything to convince America that they have more right to decide their rights than some Constitution.

Congratulation, Justice Barrett. May you give the unruly tyrants to our left heartburn for decades to come. Assuming they do not impeach you first.

Updated: Live video stream replaced with the capture of both the oath of office and remarks by Justice Barrett after that.