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BlogObservation of the Day – if Only More Men Would Observe the Pence Rule

Kamala Pence Rule resizd

I’ve written about this before: I see nothing wrong with Mike Pence trying to make sure that nothing untoward ever happens during his marriage. He pledged himself to his wife. Why is eliminating all “points of failure” bizarre?

“Kamala Harris finds it bizarre that Pence won’t meet with women without his wife present. Oddly, if other men followed his example Kamala Harris wouldn’t be in Congress.”

(H/T: Instapundit)

He is avoiding any circumstance that would lead to infidelity (or attempted extortion – it happens to high-level men on a regular basis just as high-status men take advantage of that status ie: Harvey Weinstein).

Why is “affair proofing” a marriage such a bad thing?

The Left was all up in arms about it when it first came out and they still, in part, hate him for it. Too bad – they don’t get a say in how he and his wife manage their marriage. Put it on the other side – I’m betting that his wife feels just that much more special knowing he has made it clear this is a part of his life’s decisions?  Wouldn’t you if your spouse did something similar?

One’s vows of marriage are not just to one’s spouse – that vow is also before God. And, like what Pascal said (in other words) why tempt the future?

But again, God is not a part of the Left, who belongs first to a Democrat Party that pretty much hates both religion and the idea of God.

For them, it’s just another adoption of the Soviet Union’s practices.