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Another Reason to Vote in Person – Boston Ballot Drop Box Torched

We’ve told people for months that the only way to ensure your vote counts is to guarantee the chain of custody. From your hand to the machine that counts it. But the Democrat machine is pushing it alongside the fearmongering, and as promised, votes are being lost.

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Please note that I’m indifferent to whom you choose on your ballot. Yes, I am a partisan who thinks the Democrats are out to destroy America, but you still deserve that choice even if I think it’s insane.


Boston Ballot Box Burn


“Thirty-five ballots were damaged, and up to 10 of those cannot be counted”

More from NBC 10 Boston:


Boston police said they arrested Worldy Armand, 39, Sunday at around 10:50 p.m. and said he was the suspect in the incident, which resulted in 35 ballots being damaged — some of which cannot be used. The incident comes just days before the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Police said Armand has an active warrant for his arrest out of Ipswich District Court for receiving stolen property.

Suffolk Country District Attorney Rachael Rollins does not believe Armand was targeting any candidate.

“We believe this is an emotionally disturbed individual,” she said Monday.


Do you think? Look at his frikkin pants!

And the answer to that problem is station officers at every outdoor dropbox. I hope they are socially distant in Maskachusetts and the force has not been defunded. That would be awkward.

More on video from them here.