Town Clerk Resigns After Mail-In-Ballot Mishap - Granite Grok

Town Clerk Resigns After Mail-In-Ballot Mishap

Election 2020 Vote by Mail

A Congressional primary race got held up when 3000 uncounted ballots appeared two days after the primary in a close election. The missing votes never made it to the polling place and the Clerk in charge has accepted the blame and resigned.

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“Any oversights that I made during this election cycle are due to the many challenges this election has brought upon myself,” she added. “I believe it is in the best interest of the community to have a new leadership team in place.”

Officials in three 4th Congressional District communities — Franklin, Newton and Wellesley — two days after the primary restarted counting primary ballots following Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin filing a court order to authorize local poll workers to continue counting ballots that were received on time and had not been tallied by the end of primary night.


No one seems to think anything overly suspicious was at play here, but that might be an exception to the rule.

Democrats quickly abandoned their previous systemic opposition to vote-by-mail when it became a potential means of not so much robbing Donald Trump or Republicans of re-election as creating doubt. Even if Trump won and they could not overturn the result, the battlefield is prepped.

The past four years have been a series of efforts to delegitimize his presidency while fabricating some means to remove him from the office. The next four years will be no different if he wins, and vote-by-mail will serve as a multi-act -play. More political performance art.

None of it is any more real than any previous fiction but the truth was never the point. Taking over (stealing) the House and Senate (ideally) is the point. If they do that Trump winning will not matter. They will move to impeach him beginning on day one.

After that, they impeach Justice Kavanaugh, and as many lower court Trump appointees as they can manage.

Democrats do not lie down, ever. You have to beat them so badly electorally that they can’t make a move. Remove them from power. Leave them with nothing but street violence of which America is already weary.

Absent the political power or popular support to back up the thuggery the matter resolves itself in a matter of weeks. Leave them even a sliver of hope or allow them more power and this probably never ends. And it will, at some point, finds its way to your doorstep.

That, they will guarantee.