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So Much for NH CD-1 Being the Polite Race

Mayberry and Mowers

A few months back, I was at a candidate forum. There were hundreds of people, few, if any, wearing masks, and none got the COVID. Two of the candidates who spoke were Matt and Matt, Mowers and Mayberry, and they told us this would be a cordial primary. With two days to go, the gloves are off.

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I get why they said it. That they’d be nice to each other. The 2018 Republican primary got very ugly. They figured we’d do it differently. And that’s sweet, but when you are running with other people’s money, they might have some expectation that you will win. And I’m not saying that’s the case, but I just got an email, and it’s not exactly what I would call cordial.


Did you watch the WMUR debate last night?

Then you saw my Republican Primary opponent Matt Mowers blatantly lie to the voters of New Hampshire about owning a nearly million-dollar condo in Washington DC, his wife’s undisclosed salary at CNN and the $100,000 he made during a mysterious trip to Korea.

When asked about each of these items during the debate, Mowers said that it wasn’t true. Unfortunately for Mr. Mowers his financial disclosure form and deed don’t lie.


Calling your opponent a liar is in all instances (not unexpected) but harsh. And it’s not cordial. But with two days to go and the nomination on the line, “blatantly lie” (with links to oppo) is not an unheard-of tactic.

Nice email, though. And that ‘Wife’s undisclosed salary at CNN,’ is an interesting touch. I can’t make heads-nor-tails out of the disclosure, but I’m looking forward to some rebuttal.

It is, after all, a Republican primary for NH CD1.