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R.I.P. A Political Era on SCOTUS is Over

R.I.P. A Political Era on SCOTUS is Over

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. She has been on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) since rocks were young. She has left this life just as we come to the wrap up of a bitter presidential campaign. This presidential election is visceral in the hate it is bringing out.

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will have some impact on the election. It comes at a moment when Americans are beginning to cast ballots. The election has centered on Biden’s incompetence, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and little else. The media has ignored peace agreements in the Middle East. Media coverage has been largely devoid of fact.

The Left first tried to make the race about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. That has fallen flat. The advice he has been given has come from the left and has been ever-changing and contradictory. Hanging policy shortcomings on anyone in that situation is problematic.

Then there is the rioting and looting going on in the streets. The Left tries to blame Trump but the Mayors and Governors in the affected areas are all Democrat. They refuse Trump’s offers of assistance and expect people to think they are providing leadership. Yeah, not so much. You cannot promote violence in the streets… then do nothing about it… and expect support. At least not from the people assaulted and those whose businesses and livelihoods are destroyed.

Everyone has known it was a matter of time with RBG. Now, Ginsburg’s death on Friday is adding a new discussion point to the election. Her death sets up another SCOTUS fight. Trump will almost certainly make a nomination. The question is will the Republicans try to confirm before the election.

Election impact

Election Day is about six weeks away. Early voting is underway in five states. RBG is one of the most divisive characters to have been on SCOUTU in 250 years. She was a hard-Left ideologue. Eulogies will soften the verbiage to something like “a leading legal thinker” or “an advocate for women’s rights.” But that’s a load of horse hockey and everyone knows it.

Political strategists in both parties are seizing the moment to find an advantage. The Democrats are facing the prospect of having Trump in the White House. That is compounded with Republicans expanding control of the senate. Add to that loss of control of the House. Now the Supreme Court vacancy is becomes icing on the cake. It is another avenue for Trump to galvanize supporters.

People are looking at the situation. It’s hard to see how this doesn’t help Trump politically. Biden wants this election to be a referendum on Trump. Now it’s going to be a referendum on whoever he nominates to the Supreme Court. Trump has already laid out who is on his list of potential nominees.

Trump will almost certainly make a nomination. How hard he pushes confirmation of Ginsburg’s successor, well, we’ll see. The nomination has to go through the Republican-controlled Senate. The Democrats have been in obstruction mode for three years.

The betting has to be Trump will move aggressively to make an appointment. It is logical he will want to shift the Leftist court in a more constitutionally originalist direction. R.B.G. R.I.P. a political era on SCOTUS is over. This should be interesting.