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Prepping To Vote While Staying Safe From The Coronavirus

The presidential election is growing closer in the U.S., and early voting has already begun.  In the face of the danger of the coronavirus, it’s crucial that citizens understand how to remain safe while still exercising their right to vote.

If you’re eager to get in the mix and cast your vote for President of the United States, take the time to educate yourself on safe habits first.  Here is a brief look at a few ways you can properly prep to vote and stay coronavirus free during the 2020 election.

Take a shower before you go

Showering before you head out to cast your vote is always a good idea, but it’s a particularly helpful task to accomplish this year.  You don’t know what exposure has occurred in your own household, and we all have a responsibility to one another to do our part in this pandemic.

Present yourself as a clean slate before you expose yourself to others in the voting lines.  If everyone showers before heading to vote, the chances of spreading the virus are significantly reduced.

Wear a protective mask over your mouth and nose

By now, you’re familiar with protective face masks.  If you don’t already have one of your own, you should look to purchase at least three to five of them to keep you covered during this sketchy time in history.

Wear your mask over your nose and mouth.  If you want to assure a clean coverage, take the time for a clean shave during your pre-vote shower.  Your mask will protect others from any germs you may have, and their mask will protect you.

Keep your distance from others

From the moment you leave your home, you should be conscious of the location of others.  Remaining at least six feet away from other people is another way to do your part to stop the spread of the coronavirus while at the voting booth.

Have your documentation ready

The less time you have to spend in the presence of crowds, the safer you will be from the virus.  You can expedite the process of voting by having your identification and voter registration card already in hand before entering the facility.

If someone nearby is carrying the virus, you are placing yourself at a heightened risk for contraction by spending more time fooling around in your wallet or purse.

Sanitize your hands after leaving the facility

When you have finished voting, it’s important that you follow up with your protective habits.  Wash your hands if you have access to a sink and soap.  If not, make a point to use hand sanitizer as soon as you are back in your vehicle.


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