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MSN: “Election Fraud Charge Against Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Activist Jan Reed”

If you Don't Stop Lying

Facebook may fact check this as partly false, but only because the algorithm will see ‘Jan Reed’ and assume we’re reporting crazy right-wing spin. We are not. Back in June, Janet Reed was charged with felony fraud and one count of Unauthorized Absentee Ballot. And she is a Democrat activist.

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So, yes, I am once again setting Facebook and their fake fact-checkers up to fail, not that they care.

For the record, Reed did not fill out ballots, as reported in some digital spaces; she did, however, mark them up, which is fraud, an election law violation, and a felony. MSN explains.


The Vanderburgh County Election Board sent a four-page letter to [Prosecutor Nick] Hermann on May 14 outlining the allegations against Reed.

The letter included samples of absentee ballot applications Reed allegedly sent to voters pre-marking for Democrats the section that allows them to choose a party. A copy of Reed’s instructions to voters stated that section “needs no input.”


More here.

Yes, Virginia, there is Election fraud. It happens every election. There are many forms. Elections are stolen. And more often than not, at least in New Hampshire, it goes unpunished, even when they know about it.

Ms. Reed’s crime was more a matter of her commitment to repeating the fraud.


“The postmarks on several of the envelopes containing the applications indicated that Ms. Reed continued to mail out improper applications after being advised to cease her activities,” it states.

“Several individuals were contacted during the investigation and indicated when they received their applications from Janet Reed the box was checked indicating a choice of Democratic Party and were marked using a yellow highlighting pen. Several of the individuals also indicated they received a letter from Janet Reed explaining the applications were improperly completed along with a new application some of which were also marked improperly.”


The County Democrat party distanced itself from Reed, claiming her access to voter data resulted from work she did for Democrat candidate, E. Thomasina Marsili, who also claims she is not in her employ.

So, no one gave her the voter checklist she used to harass voters repeatedly with absentee ballots pre-marked with a party affiliation?

Somebody is lying and they are, not surprisingly, a Democrat.