ICE Scores Huge Win in the People's Republic of Maskachusetts - Granite Grok

ICE Scores Huge Win in the People’s Republic of Maskachusetts

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not admired in the Bay State because A**achusetts is top-heavy with lefties. The open-border narrative weighs heavily on their human vote trafficking electoral strategy.

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Existing illegals need to understand that the moment Dems think they have secured one-party federal rule in perpetuity, the borders will lockdown like a bank vault. You will need to produce an ID for everything, and Contact Tracing will move from a crazy game “pretending to stop a virus” to a punishable offense if you’ve disabled it.

If you think your lives didn’t matter to Democrats before, wait until they can turn the entire country into an amalgam of college-campus speech-code nightmare meets inner-city urban poverty Chicagoland crime story.

But before we get there, Massachusetts will have to deal with this roadblock. The First Circuit Court has ruled that,


Federal ICE agents should be allowed to operate in state courthouses, the First Circuit court ruled in a major win for immigration agents.

The case now heads back to U.S. District Court in Boston where all sides will once again square off over where Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can track down illegal immigrants.


What a strange ruling. The Federal agency tasked with legal immigration should be allowed to loiter about court houses and then collect Illegal immigrants charged with crimes (other than just being here illegally). Maybe even send them back to the country where they are legal residents.

That’s like, following the law and junk. As if someone vested with that power actually used it to create some law we’re supposed to follow until the same process changes it.

How the heck are these Lefties supposed to establish a precedent for lawlessness if courts keep batting down their volley?

Don’t worry, A**achusetts Democrats are still going to fight this in the lower court. No price is too high (for you to pay) to ensure that there is no price too high for you to pay.

“More Spending, Higher Taxes, Democrat Party.”

Democrats should put that on a bumper sticker and use it for their campaign. It’d be the most honest thing anyone had ever done, which is why they never will.

Maybe we should do it for them.