House Democrat's Impeachment 2.0 Zepplin Crashes and Burns - Granite Grok

House Democrat’s Impeachment 2.0 Zepplin Crashes and Burns

Before impeachment 1.0 even got to the US Senate, House Democrats were likely formulating sequels. Bride of Impeachment. Gender-confused son of Impeachment. Racially sensitive transwoman of impeachment. Peaches and Impeachment cream.

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It’s what gives Nancy that glow!

All of these concoctions boiling out of the cauldron in Pelosi’s secret underground lair, deep under the Capitol Building. Tended by Igor and Eye-Gore (no relation to Climate-Fearorist Algore), Fat Jerry Nadler, and Shifty Adam Shiff.

One such concoction is a “new” Homeland Security whistleblower. The accusation is that he was instructed to stop providing intelligence analysis on any Russian meddling threat in the 2020 election.


On July 8, Murphy said, acting Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf told him that an “intelligence notification” regarding Russian disinformation efforts should be “held” because it was unflattering to Trump, who has long derided the Kremlin’s interference as a “hoax” that was concocted by his opponents to delegitimize his victory in 2016.


That would if true, be of consequence.

These claims are laid out in an OIG filing by Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, Brian Murphy, in the possession of Igor and Eye-Gore, respectively Nadler and Schiff. Problem?

It’s all a lie.

DHS, in responsive documents to the House leadership regarding the claim, provided long-form emails written by the whistle-blower. In them, Murphy directly contradicts his own whistle-blower testimony.



To clarify, Murphy refutes his own OIG testimony claiming he was instructed to hold intelligence on Russian election meddling.

Murphy knew he was fibbing, did Schiff and Nadler? Probably. The Mueller team knew they were tasked with putting meat on a skeleton with no bones. The Ukraine-Gate fiasco was entirely a coverup of left-wing shenanigans, especially the antics of Dem Nominee Joe Biden.

I guess the real question here is, what are Democrats trying to hide ala Brain Murphy? And then, if that was their next best shot, what’s on tap for Impeachment 3.0?

Washington Post Headline: Nancy Pelosi’s (former) San Francisco Hairdresser’s, Therapist’s, Cat has dirt on Trump!