Why is it That Gay Men Sexually Abusing Young Boys is only "Headline News" when the Gay Men Are Priests? - Granite Grok

Why is it That Gay Men Sexually Abusing Young Boys is only “Headline News” when the Gay Men Are Priests?

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The dam appears near breaking on the institutional sexual abuse of children by rich and famous people. New Ghislaine Maxwell news’ has revealed that the FBI knew a lot for a long while and did nothing. That got me thinking about another particular scandal problem tied to the Institutional Left. Gay men and young boys.

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The identity politics totem prohibits the Pharisees of Progressivism from declaring the sexual assault of male minors by adult men as bad unless there is a political advantage.

Priests represent institutions that used to hold to a morality that interfered with the advance of Democrat Socialism. The Catholic Church rarely stands in the way of much the Left pursues these days, but that has not shielded them. If the breeze whispers priest-sex-scandal, it’s all the Dems can do to not talk about it endlessly.

You’d think the Left would be encouraging. Advanced recruitment techniques embraced by the church create new victims for Democrats to “represent.”

But they do not get a Left-Wing victim card. They have no place on the identity politics totem, solely based on politics, which is not a problem new to our readers. But it is one that, should the need arise, can end most debates with leftists – likely with your being blocked or unfriended.

Just point to one discrepancy, disparity, or distinct lack of continuity in their narratives and actions, and you become a bigoted, white supremacist hater even if you are a woman or a person of color.

That is because the Left’s love affair is not with rights or equality or life or equity or income disparities or opportunity or ‘who you love’ or even an occupation. It turns entirely on politics and power, and the moment they realize that your politics are not theirs, you are dead to them. You are the enemy, and if it becomes necessary, they will try to destroy you, cancel you, erase you from the conversation.

For many, this will never occur to them until they say the wrong thing and become a target, and by then it is too late for many. A few, with money, can accept penance and a return to the fold with a promise not to think for themselves ever again.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to live in such a society or encourage its advance, but they do, and we must do all that we can to discourage it.