Of course, JHo (Jennifer Horn) Only has the Smarts to be "Gifted" with Table Scraps - Granite Grok

Of course, JHo (Jennifer Horn) Only has the Smarts to be “Gifted” with Table Scraps

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At Instapundit, BILLIONAIRES FOR BIDEN: Six More Billionaires Donate To The Anti-Trump Lincoln Project. This from an Instapundit comment:

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More people need to understand that International Socialism isn’t about the poor sticking it to the Man; it’s about the Man sticking to the poor.

From the article:

Six more billionaires recently donated to the Lincoln Project, a Republican-led super-PAC doing its best to defeat Donald Trump in November. The largest donor, supplying $1 million, was billionaire hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel Jr., founder of Lone Pine Capital, according to Federal Election Commission filings released Wednesday. Other supporters include Hollywood billionaire David Geffen (who donated $100,000), Boston media magnate Amos Hostetter Jr. ($100,000) and Silicon Valley investors Michael Moritz ($50,000) and Chris Sacca ($10,000). Martha Karsh, who is married to private equity billionaire Bruce Karsh, gave $50,000. This group of donors is following in the footsteps of Walmart heiress Christy Walton, who gave $20,000 to the Lincoln Project in January. Apparently pleased with her investment, she contributed another $10,000 in May.

JHo has grifted $20K. Mere breadcrumbs for her political “loyalty.”

But, with billions in the air, she’s still chasing (rhetorically ?) that dollar on a string, albeit in a bit better digs than a political trailer park. Getting less than table scraps for her efforts.

And it’s clear she’s gone full-Socialist. Feeble-minded Democrat Prez-wannabe Joe Biden is being led by Bernie-Bros like an old man seeing a gold digger wagging her finger with a “come here, big boy!” And she’s gone all in for Biden and then for dessert, GOP Senators so that the Senate will be for Biden.

Is this the act of a scorned woman?

After expensively failing at elected efforts she climbed up the internal political ladder to NH GOP Chair but left in shame; and the fiscal disaster she heaped upon the State Party. Now she is stretching out at the national level in retribution for that scorn.

When this is done, she’s going to have to go Democrat. I doubt that she’ll be any kind of Republican Consultant in the future.

Hope she can learn to clean houses, though…