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Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

The New York Times failed to anticipate the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. It sought to correct its error of judgment by facilitating non-leftist opinions. Those of centrists, conservatives, and others rarely appear on the Times’ editorial page.

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The hiring of Ms. Bari Weiss’ was meant to showcase how liberal journalism could facilitate the free exchange of ideas. It was a tip of the cap to journalistic ethics.

The centrist editor soon found herself facing the wrath of enraged colleagues. The Times staffers opposed her efforts. Her promotion of diverse views outside the official progressive narrative was deemed repugnant. They would not, could not tolerate her continued presence.

The resignation letter

In her resignation letter, she decries the bullying from her coworkers. She had attempted to interject some degree of objectivity to the editorial page. For that sin they falsely accused her of being a racist and a Nazi. This despite being Jewish.

She writes, “My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly ‘inclusive’ one, while others post ax emojis next to my name.”

Her letter claims the Times management did not respond to those employees publicly smearing her.

She writes their portrayal of me “as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action.”

And still, Ms. Weiss holds firm to the classic liberal facade of a world without absolute truth. She feels disappointment polite, civil discourse is no longer possible on the Opinion page.

Perhaps she hopes the liberal order will still be found outside The New York Times. Good luck with that. Her letter’s most terrifying aspect is her personal discovery of what conservatives have long known. To her, and maybe too many, it is news that a new “orthodoxy” controls the newsroom.

The new orthodoxy points to the narrative. It tolerates no opposition and suppresses other positions with brutal efficiency. It exercises itself with “extreme selectivity. ” The new orthodoxy favors all those who promote the Leftist agenda. No one dares oppose it. Was the Times error tolerance or intolerance?