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Virus Socialism Could Wipe-Out San Francisco’s Public Transportation System

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Keeping people home is supposed to hurt Donald Trump, but the current casualties appear to be out-of-state-college-student voting in New Hampshire and San Francisco’s city-wide public bus system. Without an infusion of cash from somewhere, most of the lines they shut down for COVID19 will not come back.

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Up to 40 of the bus lines that San Francisco cut at the beginning of the pandemic are not coming back unless the city finds a new revenue source, transportation chief Jeffrey Tumlin said this week. Just about every aspect of San Francisco’s transportation future looks grim. …

And the huge blow to Muni, which is on life support, has implications for the environment, the livability of San Francisco and the ability of the city to bounce back economically post-pandemic.

Public Transportation took a hit during the COVID-ERA. All those dirty humans touching things. The close confines of the bus or train. In the name of Public Health, we must avoid these places at any cost.

How about this cost? Public transportation is what breathes life into the worker’s paradise. The Green Shirts approved mode of transport. A system of buses and trains that take you anywhere you are allowed to go. But when you all sat in your Secret underground lair beneath Georgetown (which they will have to renamed) and plotted the economic destruction of America, did you realize any of this?

Are New Hampshire Democrats, many of whom openly embraced economic destruction if it might take out Mr. Trump, still pining for commuter rail from Nashua up to Concord? Another place for germs to hang out and infect passengers who, after months of being scared per nothing, would never set foot in the thing?

It amuses me to no end. The left in the Granite State has pushed millions into study after study to justify a choo-choo only to then craft or embrace a new narrative that would prevent anyone they consider sensible from ever using it.

The key, of course, getting back to the problem in San Francisco is not ridership it’s revenue. New Hampshire would never likely have enough traffic to cover the cost of operation, so it was always going to be a money-pit. In the city by the bay, the matter is not whether they need it; the question is, can they still fund it?

And San Francisco will not suffer alone. Democrat-run cities across the nation will have to answer the question.

How do we keep it? Can we raise a tax or a fee or wait! All that money we saved from cuts to the police budget. That way, the few people who still date to can get mugged,  robbed, raped, or murdered on the public transit system knowing they the perpetrators are far less likely to ever pay for the consequences of their actions!