Berniece Van Der Berg (Co-Founder of the Moonlight Meadery) called Al Baldasaro a "Predator? - Granite Grok

Berniece Van Der Berg (Co-Founder of the Moonlight Meadery) called Al Baldasaro a “Predator?

Berniece Van Der Berg

Smooth move, Berniece Van Der Berg – calling prior Marine, and NH State Representative Al Baldasaro a “predator”?  Or actually, “PREDATOR” in all caps. As in “AL BALDASARO IS A PREDATOR”.

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 Well, she DID call him exactly that in a post over at the Uber-Progressive GraniteStateBuzz (“NHGOP NONSENSE HAS TO STOP”).  How do I know that? I found it by going over to Gracie Gato’s highly touted new site – at least highly touted in her own mind. (We put up more content in a day than she has in two months.) 

Founded by Gracie Gato in 2020, disgusted by the GOP and it’s off the wall conspiracy theories. “I’ve decided to let the public in, on the GOP’s scare tactics and misleading information to the public.”  I started this blog, on the 4th of July as a direct F you, to the ALT RIGHT. They started their blog on Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday.

Which is on Jan 15. So it can’t be us because we started on 5/9/2006. However, I digress.

The post has now changed from “AL BALDASARO IS A PREDATOR” to “AL BALDASARO HARASSED ME”.

Berneice would have had to have Gato’s help with that change. I wonder our having been tipped off by loyal readers to her “hateful rhetoric” ( all since scrubbed from her personal Facebook page) had anything to do with retooling the title?

The post hasn’t changed – I saved it off and did a DIFF on my copy versus what is up on that site – exactly the same. From my perspective, it’s a projection – oh, poor is me, I’m turning myself into a victim. I’ve known Al for years – he is a brusque no-nonsense Marine that is quite respectful until it is time to NOT be. But I did note the “I was shocked and about to pop him one” – she calls him “aggressive” but her first recounting was that she was the one thinking of physical violence right off the bat.

You decide:

My history with Representative Al Baldasaro began a few years back when I was parked in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. He scared the Bejesus out of me as he pulled up next to me, hopped out of his vehicle and just got in my space as I was exiting my vehicle.

I’m wondering if it was this Moonlight Meadery mobile and I would have wanted to know as well even though I don’t drink alcohol:

Moonlight Meadery truck


I was shocked and about to pop him one when he asked what business I was in as the vehicle was wrapped. It was a short but quite startling first meeting. He was very aggressive and demanding.

I tend to not believe that last part much – I think what happened below has shaded in calling Al a “predator”:

My next run in with Al Baldasaro was at the state house when I was part of a protest against guns after Sandy Hook. He and his wife sat deliberately close to our party of protesters sneering at us and mocking us.

Deliberately?  I remember when that was going on – seating was at a premium. And there has been a lot of “sneering and mocking” coming from the Left as well.

But now we turn to what brought GraniteGrok into contact with Berniece Van Der Berg as she references this again:

Moonlight Meadery 1

Let’s recap:

  • Calling the Republican Party racist
  • Calling Trump supporters racist
  • Calling people OTHER than those holding your political beliefs “evil”
  • Al is a Republican
  • Al was also a co-chair for the NH Trump campaign.

What did you think he’d do after being called a racist, Berniece? You called him out – he’s not a person that cowers down to anything like that especially someone that thinks she’s Morally Superior to those NOT holding her political view:

My latest interaction with Al Baldasaro began today when he called my place of business to according to him inform us out of “respect” for our business about an online blog article that published erroneous falsehoods about a post I replied to a disgruntled ex-employee who had been trolling my Facebook page and threatening to boycott our company because she did not agree with my personal politics.

And then Van Der Berg doubled down, didn’t she? Yes, we are that “online blog article that published erroneous falsehoods” – but note that once again

My husband indulged a conversation making it very clear that the company had nothing to do with my political views.

Actually, you shot your mouth (typing fingers) off. You made it personal – in your own words. How long have you been using social media to inflame others?

My husband remained polite ensuring that Al Baldasaro understood that there were 2 sides to a story and that regardless we were all about making a better world and that we had entertained both Republicans and Democrats at our location.

Yeah, calling an entire political Party racists is SO making a better world, isn’t it? That’s what Progressives ALWAYS say – THEY are the ones making the world better AND YOU’D BETTER LISTEN TO US, chumps.

I then called him back as I was infuriated that he called to basically tittle tattle on me without asking to speak directly to me. He thought that by going through my husband that I would be put in my place so to speak. His response was the same he approached us out of concern for the company and out of “respect.”

Al gave them a “shot” at being nice.  And then the Moonlight Meadery Facebook got involved as her husband tried to walk back her words. Of COURSE, Berniece, your “personal politics” IS reflective of your company: you’re both a Co-Founder and the VP of Sales and Marketing. Trying a lame excuse of “personal is not the Company” isn’t going to cut it – like it or not, you ARE the face of your Company.

I was willing to entertain his excuses until next thing you know, he is posting a defamatory, false rhetoric on his Facebook page inciting his followers to call the company and complain about my post. The post was a response to the employee saying they were not going to support us to which I replied their money was no good if they continued to support a racist party and worse president.

And now she wants to triple down – after she posts on a far-Left wing blog. Yes, she is the author of the post (unless she had it ghost written but she signed her name to it.

The right wing nut job blog posted that I published I did not want business from Republicans, no call, no check for the facts. They published my personal information out on the internet. Consequently we have been harassed all day with phone calls and social media.

No, we published your PROFESSIONAL information. That you published on Facebook a long time ago. I publish the links to her and Moonlight Meadery Facebook pages here. The Moonlight Meadery has a phone number listed on it. Again, both of these are PUBLIC informationnot personal. They willingly put them out to the public.

She sent her “Cease and Desist” email to us using her Moonlight Meadery email here; no one went looking for it. Our FAQs make it QUITE clear that if you email us, we very well may use it and she failed to do her due diligence. And in this case, since she threatened to bring a legal action against us, of COURSE I published it – she was trying to SILENCE us; Cancel our Freedom to speak our minds.

ALL of that email – including her email signature. All she had to do was to erase that information – she didn’t. But then again, being a Progressive it’s always “I’m a victim” and “never having to take ownership of a mistake”. Again, she VOLUNTARILY tried to Cancel us via using her Moonlight Meadery email – we’re only publishing what she sent us:

If you persist in your hateful rhetoric and criminal threatening, I shall have no recourse but to follow legal action. Consider yourselves duly notified.

Berniece Van Der Berg
Co-Founder / Vice President Sales & Marketing
Moonlight Meadery /  Hidden Moon Brewing – Mead / Cider / Braggots
2019 Mead & Cider Best of Show – San Diego International Beer Festival
23 Londonderry Rd, #17, Londonderry, NH 03053
Office: 603.216.2162 Cell: 603.421.4469

So what did she THINK we’d do? Did she really think that we were just going to roll over and cower? Heh! And now she knows that Al Baldasaro won’t either. Sometimes, when you poke the bear, you get its totally concentrated attention. Most people, I think, would have shut down. Not us, and not Al.

And she just keeps talking and talking and talking. Please, don’t STOP!

Al Baldasaro as an elected official had absolutely no right to publicly post false information and incite crazy right wingers to attach and harass us. A formal complaint to the NH legislature has been filed and a cease and desist has been filed for both the former employee and the right wing blog site.

Oh – now knowing that I know NH law far better than she does (although I do not practice law, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not a lawyer on GraniteGrok) simply be READING it, I pretty much know she’s blowing smoke out her orifices in claiming “no right” and she STILL keeps making that lame claim. I also guess that she hasn’t read on GraniteGrok the craziness that NH State Reps Deb Stevens (to whom Democrat Leadership had to talk to after her words went national), Jan Schmidt (who torpedoed her own bill during the NH House Judiciary Committee), and several others.

Nice touch – now calling half the population who happen to be Conservatives “crazy”. Once again, we see the true Berniece Van Der Berg come out for all to see. She STILL hasn’t figured out that we DO want her to keep talking and talking – she keep obliging and obliging.

So, Conservatives, ARE you crazy?

And now she doubles down on “racists”!

The time has come to vote out these despicable people who falsely claim they are “representatives” of New Hampshire. Right wing racists who hide in the halls of our legislature.

I’m getting that you haven’t figured out that a whole lot of people voted them into office to BE exactly that – their Representatives. Or did you forget that? And by extrapolation, you’re calling them right wing racists for voting them in? I wonder – would you turn away people who would walk in with a MAGA hat?

Once (“racist Republican Party“) could be an accident. Twice, however, is the start of a pattern. Right wing racists – boy, is she enamored of stereotypes that are the “my truth” of Progressivism. Glad to see that you have re-confirmed that again, Bernice Van Der Berg!

To harass and incite acts of harassment against private citizens and companies is despicable, unacceptable behavior, unbecoming or an elected official. His attitude to me was condescending and disrespectful.

Like I said, we’ve been quoting Progressive / Socialist / Democrats (they are all the same nowadays) for years. Keep ranting, my dear; we’ll keep typing. And perhaps actually do some homework on your OWN side before you go after someone that fights back. Yours is looking like might thin gruel.

My husband does not speak for me.

Poor guy. He did try to cover for your mistakes; you should have listened to him.

I am quite capable and articulate enough to do that on my own.

AS WE ARE SEEING. And looks like you really do believe that. Please, keep doing so like you already have.

To attack the company and ten years of hard work and consistent support of our local charities Democratic and Republican alike deserves more respect than that.

Why should I? Why should Al? You’re a VP of Marketing and Sales – you KNOW that a small string of words can ruin a decade of such (if you have). And your own words the FIRST time on your page have just been backed up by what you just wrote at GraniteStateBuzz. And that next post you did as well. Well, “digging holes” and all that.

We strive to promote equality, healthcare for all, a better world to live in. We will not back down on our motivations and inspiration and ideals.

Yep, racist, Republican Party, right wingers, crazy….no, no litany of Progressive platitudes is going to “cover up” your own words. And we certainly now know what your motivation, inspiration, and ideals are for those that disagree with your political views. All we have to do is actually read your words – many thanks for sharing!

I will not be intimidated by the likes of racist Republicans like Al Baldasaro. The hornet’s nest has been stirred, I am motivated to actively get involved in activism against a Republican Party that has lost its moral compass and family values. Its time to vote them out! Call Al Baldasaro and tell him how despicable his behavior is.

And you just doubled down – ya think that calling him a racist is going to make for “equality”? Persuade him to rethink his position? Make peace? That’s what this last part was about, right?

Naw – your words salad says otherwise. Remember – your lawyer will take this into account when he considers your claim of “hateful rhetoric“. Calling someone racist, the go-to word of Progressives in word battles (and when they have no logical rhetoric that they can call forth) without providing backup isn’t going to helpful. “Crazy” and the epithet of “right wingers” isn’t going to help much either.

I can’t WAIT to fisk your next post – which I have also downloaded.

Please, keep talking – and know that I still have more to say about what you said. And what you will say in the future.