Racist Used to Mean "Someone who made decisions based only on skin color"... - Granite Grok

Racist Used to Mean “Someone who made decisions based only on skin color”…

Understand What You are Looking At and Listening To

What’s a Racist? It used to be the definition of the word was, “Someone who made decisions based only on skin color.” Today the “woke” left has determined the definition of racist is “Someone who opposes race riots”……think about it.

The woke Left will tell you that a white male and for no other reason than their color is a racist. That’s not only unfair and unjust. It is also bigoted

Most fair decisions are made by consciously considering a number of factors. There’s the content of a person’s character, their demonstrated abilities and the history of their actions and accomplishments. There was a fellow named M.L. King who struggled peacefully so all people could be considered equally.

All people do not always succeed. Everyone may not agree with value judgments used in decision making. But conservative Americans try to make decisions which are defensible. Can the woke left say the same? Does it even try?

Black Conservatives?

Do you understand what you are looking at and listening to? Here’s what some of today’s conservative black leaders are saying:

“No one — not a single solitary person defended or excused the death of George Floyd, so why is this rioting happening? Because that is what the media wanted….BLACK AMERICA, WAKE UP. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELVES. DO NOT BE OWNED BY A MAINSTREAM MEDIA AGENDA.” CANDACE OWENS

Where is the woke response to Ms. Owens? We are waiting….

“One of the big #FakeNews narratives is that ‘institutional,’ ‘structural’ and ‘systemic’ racism remain a major problem in America, when, in fact, race has never been a more insignificant barrier to success in America.” LARRY ELDER

Where is the woke response to Mr. Elder? We are waiting….

“There is nothing white liberals fear more than a God fearing, educated, black man… No my friends…there is no systemic racism in America…just Systemic “Marxist Elitism”…an EVIL that uses, abuses and discards anyone for POWER.” BURGESS OWENS

Where is the woke response to Mr. Owens? We are waiting….

“Don’t let the Media fool you! The majority of Americans support the police. Do not support the destroying of their city. The biggest problem with growing up black in America… IS not racism, police brutality, or black on black crime… It’s the Mental Brainwashing.” BRANDON TATUM

Where is the woke response to Mr. Tatum? We are waiting….

“Black activists and white progressives stress racism because it serves their own interests, not because it actually improves the station of blacks.” JASON RILEY

Where is the woke response to Mr. Riley? We are waiting….

Which side are you on?

Do you understand what you are looking at and listening to? Which side are you on? There are no neutrals here. Are we going to let the woke left steal our language, rewrite history and continue to perpetrate violence and anarchy?

Wake up, which side are you on? 50 years of Affirmative Action is finally paying big dividends for America? Maybe it’s the people, not the police, that need better training. I’m just saying; should the Pyramids be torn down since they were built by slaves? How about the Great Wall of China?

Our country will become a better place when everyone realizes there are only two kinds of people in it…. Good people and bad people.  Ethnicity doesn’t matter. Are we the only country dumb enough to start another civil war because we are offended by the first one?

Doesn’t history tell us in 1933 Hitler appointed Hermann Goering Minister of the Interior.  Goering’s first orders were to defund and eliminate police departments. He did not want them to interfere with his Brown Shirts. The mission of the brown shirts was to riot, burn, beat up, and kill citizens in an effort to sway the elections. BLM = Burn Loot Murder. Do you understand what you are looking at and listening to?