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Missing from Your News: A Black Man Ran Down Those BLM Protesters in Seattle

Dawit Kelete

Remember when the media reported that a white supremacist deliberately ran into a crowd of Black Liberal Mafia (BLM) supporters in Seattle? Had to be an angry white Trump voter grumping over the attacks on his privilege. Nope. It was a Black man driving a white Jaguar XJL.

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Some privilege was involved, but it is the wrong sort, so the optics are terrible for the approved narrative. A Person of Color in 123,000.00 dollar car hit those two white “girls.”

According to the Santa Monica Observer, “A white Jaguar evaded several police vehicles serving to block the highway for the protestors, hitting two transgender women who were attending a Black Lives Matter rally. All the major news networks replayed the video footage on TV.”

Summer Taylor, 24 of Seattle was killed Saturday night, when the white Jaguar driven by Kelete veered around several cars blocking the highway, sending the two women flying. Diaz Love, 32, of Bellingham is reportedly in critical condition after the accident on Interstate Five in downtown Seattle Saturday night.

The driver, Dawit Kelete, could face anything from manslaughter to terrorism charges, but he was not impaired. Not by drugs or alcohol. He may just be a lousy diver.

“Jaguar that drove into Seattle protest is registered to Dawit Kelete, Plate No BPA6961. On 4/4/2020 homeboy blew red light & has at least 8 parking tickets all from 2020. From the photos he’s NOT your average right-wing extremist … tweeted Michael Vilchey.”


Kelete‘s lawyer, John Henry Browne, said the crash was a “horrible, horrible accident” and was not intentional.

“There’s absolutely nothing political about this case whatsoever,” Browne told The Associated Press. “My client is in tears. He’s very remorseful. He feels tremendous guilt.”

Kelete is originally from Eritrea and is a U.S. citizen, Browne said. He lives with his family in Seattle, and they’re very religious, he said.

He swerves around a police blockade then drives into a crowd of people (who should not be on the highway but are) and takes off. I’m sure he feels terrible, who wouldn’t, but it looks bad. And it is a tragic loss of life the left tried to peddle for political gain, no matter what Kelete’s opinion.

So, about that whole right-wing extremist narrative that had to be disappeared. How many people heard about the accident (and all the assumptions) but never learned that the guy responsible was a remorseful but privileged black man?


I guess the only question I have now is can Jaguar continue to sell the XJL in white – asking for a friend of a friend.

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