City Moves to Censure Councilor for Expressing Unapproved Opinions about BLM and COVID19 - Granite Grok

City Moves to Censure Councilor for Expressing Unapproved Opinions about BLM and COVID19

One against many free speech mob dissent

If we want to end the cancel culture and the growing suppression (by the Left) of words, thoughts, and ideas, we need people to run for and win public office. But the Left is committed to intimidating anyone who would dare from ever trying.

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The North Adams Massachusetts City Council provides the latest example. City Council member Robert Moulton had an unapproved opinion, and now he is being disciplined by his fellow board members.

The council resolution to censure Moulton states that the councilor made “repugnant” statements about Black Lives Matter.

Moulton “minimized inequalities in education, home ownership, employment, wealth, and leadership, rooted in our country’s history of slavery and systemic racism,” the resolution states.

He called BLM anti-family and referred to them as morons. He also dared to challenge the revered truths of the pandemic, contradicting the approved scripture.

The councilor also misled residents and “set an example dangerous to the public safety by dismissing COVID testing, evidence-based use of personal protective equipment, mocking evidence-based social distancing practices, and encouraging the commingling of positive cases in his home and business,” according to the resolution.

His comments were “false, hateful, discriminatory, and racist,” the resolution reads.

Do you know what would be interesting? If, instead of public shaming or cancel culture, you presented your opinion and your facts in contrast. Hey, I disagree, and here’s why.

They can’t do that. It invites the accursed dissenter to present his supporting evidence on the same terms. Rather than risk having to expose yourself as a skeeving crap factory of partisan misinformation, it is easier to smear the dissenter, his ideas, to curse the ground upon which he walks, and establish a precedent. Unapproved opinions will be met with acts or rhetorical, regulatory, and in many cases, actual force.

But BLM is anti-family, and that is moronic (if you are claiming to help black lives). Many of the problems that plague urban families would be improved by fathers marrying the mother of their child, working, and creating a family together. Heck, those same things help people of any race, but BLM vehemently opposes this as an expression of white privilege and racist.

It is neither. Before Democrat interventions, Black Americans had strong family and Christian values that allowed them to prosper even in places where Democrats continued to suppress their rights. Talk that will get you labeled as a racist, these days by the racists, themselves.

And Moulton is not wrong about the political response to the pandemic and the unnecessary fearmongering, but that is not the revered truth from the approved (see, like-minded) experts of the Left so Moulton must pay.

We see it locally, as well. Last year the Nashua School Board and their Superintendent (or is it the Superintendent and his schoolboard) tried to drive a dissenting voice from their ranks. We came to her rescue and exposed the board and Super for their tactics, but in the end, they got their way.

With union help and some illegal electioneering, they got them unelected, but the process is the punishment. Every meeting is an exercise in psychological torture and mental abuse. The goal – get you out and keep anyone like you from running. Ever. And it works. But it’s not impossible.

But we need to find ways to make it not work, or we’ll never make it back from this careening sh*t-show of Left-Wing lunacy. It starts local. We need to win these elections, but to do that we need slates of candidates willing to stand up to the bullies and that’s hard to do.