(Video) Black Lives Matter Event - Gilford, New Hampshire - Part 1 - Granite Grok

(Video) Black Lives Matter Event – Gilford, New Hampshire – Part 1

Bubba Wallace

Actually, there are prequel posts to write about this that will be rather “reflective” and will demonstrate why I keep saying that Progressives want to silence people while I want them to keep “talking, and talking, and talking some more.”

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That said, this will be a “straight Citizen Journalism” post – I went to the March that was held last night with that March that started from the High School, walked down Belknap Road, and then into the Village Field where the rest of the rally was held at the Band Stand.

Here’s the first couple of videos:

Intro, scanning the crowd, and then the March starting on Belknap Mtn Road:

Here is Chloe Bourgeois opening remarks – she is the genesis of why this March happened.

Please note that I most likely mangled everyone’s name; I couldn’t find an online speakers list.

Chris Remick:

Jaylynne Tulley

Samm JaCrispy Johnson

Scheck Jumara