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A bit of history the Tom Lantos Foundation conveniently forgets….Hungarian Slavery

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Today I got another email from the Tom Lantos Foundation. This progressive non-profit gives out $2,500 or less grants to those who are fighting for human rights, from what I can find in the internet. It is a left-wing organization with the global agenda of promoting human rights. Here is a sample of their doings from their web site:

“The Fight for Human Rights and Justice Must Begin at Home”

Tom Lantos, the Foundation’s namesake, often called himself “an American by choice”. He was an ardent patriot, but he was neither blind nor indifferent to America’s many flaws and failures – above all, its original sin of slavery and the centuries of persecution, discrimination and institutionalized racism that have followed. In the wake of terrible and revelatory events that have now shaken our nation and, perhaps, awoken us from complacency, the Lantos Foundation has thought often and deeply about how Tom would respond to this critical moment in history.”

This “fight at home” must mean America, the adopted home of former progressive congressman Tom Lantos.

Tom Lantos was born in Hungary and escaped being exterminated by national socialists – another socialist experiment gone wrong and one of the finest examples of American boys freeing people from injustice – in Europe. Just so we don’t forget.

As the Lantos Foundation criticizes America for “institutional racism” and our “original sin” of slavery it might be time to look at the place of birth of Tom Lantos.

Hungary was built on the backs of serfs. Serfs were slaves, bough and sold with the land of the entitled white population, my guess, about 1% of all Hungarians.

This went on for centuries. But Tom Lantos never brings up the flawed past of Hungary.

No one is asking for reparations for the Hungarian serfs who could easily be traced today through DNA.

Hungary began in the 9th century when Magyar invaders slaughtered the indigenous people of the Carpathian Basin.

Which means the Hungarians had their own General Custer, a conqueror named Arpad. There is a statue of him in the town of Ráckeve. Unless it has been torn down by Hungarian college kids recently – which they have every right to do.

The Hungarian serfs/slaves had their own hero in uprisings in 1540.

This means Hungary had official slavery 200 years before America came about. That is a long time to build a country on the backs of one class of people.

Remember Tom Lantos Foundation, America was created out of a British colony, a slave trading British colony, built on the backs of slaves, fur traders, loggers, miners, farmers, seamen, manufacturers, and merchants.

Serf slavery was never officially ended in Hungary, that I know, of by a treaty or law but ended, as with many other countries around the world, in the mid-1800s.

Then in 1919 Hungary became a communist country and a whole new form of slavery took control. By the 1940s a solid communist regime took hold with normal communist tactics, terror, disappearances, surveillance.

Even today the communists who ran these operations are hidden in the Hungarian bureaucracy, or rather, Deep State.


It is nice that Hungary has been spared criticism of its slave past while here in America the Tom Lantos Foundation is free to label our country as systemically racist.

But no thanks for your fundraising emails Tom Lantos Foundation until you support reparations for Hungarian victims of slavery and communist oppression.

Or at least admit it happened.

People in glass foundations…