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What NH can learn from CA

Strange as it is to say that New Hampshire can learn something from California, the people of Santa Cruz recently put on a clinic regarding a lesson that we desperately need to learn here.

Specifically, people simply stopped paying attention to orders closing the beaches.  And law enforcement, faced with overwhelming non-compliance, simply backed down.

There’s a lesson here for people who think they need to re-elect His Excellency, Christopher ‘Public Health Trumps Everything’ Sununu, in order to keep their gun rights.

This illustrates what happens when a sufficient number of unarmed people — Californians no less, who, experience shows, will submit to practically anything — simply refuse to acknowledge a law that they know to be wrong.  Law enforcement just gives up. As it must, and as it should.

Imagine that His Excellency is handed the crushing, ignominious defeat that he deserves; and that a Democrat-controlled state government enacts something like a gun registration statute. And the people of New Hampshire — armed people — simply refuse to comply. Do you think the police will do anything about it?  They won’t.

But once half the state is put in the position of having to choose between constitution and statute, between freedom and legality, between rights and compliance, a lot of those people are going to start taking a hard look at other laws — like laws requiring occupational licensing (‘permission slips’) for people who simply want to pursue their livelihoods, laws punishing people for ‘crimes’ where there is no victim, and so on.

What you see in Santa Cruz right now are people who have been asleep, waking up and starting to think for themselves. We could use some of that here, I think.