OK, now we have the last RSA 91-A Right To Know demand of the day – Same Day Voter Registration – Part 3 - Granite Grok

OK, now we have the last RSA 91-A Right To Know demand of the day – Same Day Voter Registration – Part 3


In response to getting her email back, I had this:

From: Skip <Skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2020 11:07 AM
To: Danielle Lafond <dlafond@gilfordnh.org>
Subject: Re: 91-A Right to Know

Hi Danielle,

Please, call me Skip and not Mr. Murphy. That makes me feel older than when I look at the ongoing color change of my hair in the mirror (at least it is going grey and not loose).

And this is a follow up to the vmail I just left you. I do have a few questions about your email – just looking for clarification.



And indeed, we did chat for a bit as this had started before the WuFlu shutdown of her office.  I went down to the TC/TC office, paid the 10 cents per “electronic page” and then she emailed me the same day registrations for both the Presidential Primary and the recent Town Elections. I reviewed them to see what was on them (to be truthful, I had no idea what to expect) and saw there was a problem:

From: Skip <Skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2020 3:14 PM
To: Danielle Lafond <dlafond@gilfordnh.org>
Subject: Re[2]: 91-A Right to Know

OK, what about cases where the hand printing is illegible? For instance, in the Presidential Primary:

    • Page 1
    • bottom half of page 2
    • last entry on page 13

I can’t make heads or tails of the very faint writing.



I had a casual call from Grokster Norm about some other matters; in passing I mentioned I had received responses on my RTKs. Concerning this one (as he had sat on the NH House Election Laws committee), said that the law requires that everything be legible. Here’s an example:

Pres Primary Same Day Registration illegible

While I MIGHT be able to puzzle out the left side of the form (and yes, these forms are filled out by the Supervisors of the Checklist as folks sign up / change up / drop off a Party’s registration), I can’t figure out the right hand side.

From: “Danielle Lafond” <dlafond@gilfordnh.org>
To: “Skip Murphy” <skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: 6/26/2020 4:06:09 PM
Subject: RE: Re[2]: 91-A Right to Know


I can take a look at it on Monday and I will email you the information.


I’m hoping to hear back later on today.

To Be Continued…