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Negron Statement on America’s Civil Unrest and Violent Protests

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For Immediate Release: June 3rd, 2020
Press Contact: Roger Wilkins,, (603) 417-3861

Negron Statement on America’s Civil Unrest and Violent Protests

NASHUA, NH: Street demonstrations continue to rage across America.  These actions were varied ranging from organized and peaceful to violent and confrontational.  As New Hampshire’s only minority running for Federal office, Steve Negron feels duty bound to provide his perspective. The following is his statement on the events of America’s civil unrest and violent protests the past few days:

“My family has experienced the disenfranchisment and adversity articulated by some of the more peaceful demonstrations across America. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral.” The Negrons have most definitely experienced discrimination, exploitation, and general injustice through the many generations in communities we have resided in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the American mainland. As an immigrant family it is a difficult task to navigate the myriad of American rights, roles and responsibilities while also earning a paycheck, individual respect and justice for every situation.  Eventually the time comes where the individual stands up to injustice, lack of respect and right to earn a living, but when done the right way, it never employs harm to others.

Our family is praying for the safety and security of all families in direct contact with this violence.  Therefore, we must view the hatred boiling over in our streets as ‘impractical and immoral’ to addressing the outrage of those organizing the chaos. These injurious riots and the harmful discourse simply offend the co-existence of life, and natural rights to personal liberty and ownership of property.  This violence must be stopped and those individuals who have taken advantage of the demonstrations to encite more violence, looting and criminal activity, must be held accountable. We must always listen to those who are disenfranchised, exploited, and had suffered injustice. However, the listening and dialogue can only begin when the violence ends. I will always pray and fight for the protections afforded to each and everyone of us afforded by the Constitution.”


Hon. Steve Negron is the 2018 NH02 Republican nominee and current candidate. Steve and his wife Theresa raised their family of three in Nashua while serving many community posts involving faith and sports. Negron continues to build jobs as a small business employer at Integron, LLC, as a veteran and defense contractor, Negron has served his nation in both public and private capacities.

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