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Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – the Video

Support our police

Yes, we were there but sans banners, tents, multiple cameras – just me and a single camera. It was good to see a few hundred others there (at the max of the event, in the sweltering heat) to show appreciation for Law Enforcement here in NH.

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One has to wonder about this – for quite some time, society has appreciated our first responders. Yet, with the action of ONE bad cop in Minneapolis, the Left has turned on them mightily. It’s almost as if it were pre-planned (e.g., “wait for a slip-up and then go for the figurative throat(, then use that to change Society to our plus.

Get that ‘Defund the Police’ rolling – giving us the chance to fill the resulting power vacuum.

But not everyone is falling for the hype – and all the planning that has been in wait for so long. They know the dangers that are faced. They know the risks that popup every day – and especially every night. They know that their families may get a phone call that no family ever wants to get. They know what is going down – and they know it is only going to get worse. And they are watching the same news the rest of us are seeing and seeing the police becoming the scapegoats that the Left has set up and the Media that is supporting that scapegoating.

Those that showed up today know that, at times, that a simple “Thank You” can mean so much right now. And they wanted to make sure that “Thank you” was heard even as the schedule was cut short because of the heat and humidity (I hate this time of the year – can’t wait for February to return).

Part 1 – Invocation, National Anthem, and first speaker (Lt Mark Morrison of the Londonderry Police representing the NH Police Association)

Part 2 – The Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear:

Part 3 – short stories about their police interactions from NH State Senator Ruth Ward, NH House Minority Leader Dick Hinch, Chou Kelly, and Judy Wilson Ferstenberg

Part 4 – Closing remarks by Chris Agar, Rally Organizer:

I was told by Chris Agar, the Rally Organizer, that this was put together just in the last four days. Plans are already in process to do another one in about a month.