Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Chris Agar - Granite Grok

Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally – MicroInterview with Chris Agar

Chris Agar

The last MicroInterview that was done after the conclusion of the Law Enforcement Appreciation event…

Sidenote: AGAIN, I point out that no State level Democrat elective office candidate or current office holder bothered to show up to express support for law enforcement.  I just have to guess that the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” is the model (where theft, extortion, rape, and now murder is possible as there is NO police presence there. After all, the Democrat Mayor of Seattle surrendered the police precinct there and just handed it over to the Marxist Antifa mob  they prefer. EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN candidate needs to bring this out against their opposition at every chance possible. Given their way, you’ll have no operational 911 to call – they’ll just send out a social worker when someone is trying to bust your door down. And remember, they want all civilians disarmed at the same time.

…was the Rally’s organizer, Chris Agar (who also happens to be the NH GOP Committeeman to the RNC. Full disclosure: GraniteGrok endorsed him over Steve Duprey in that race). Here’s what he had to say: